[Kids on the Slope]: Episode 9 | Love Me or Leave Me

note:  We’re in the final stretch of Kids on the Slope!! HUGE thank you to weekendotaku has been helping me a great deal by participating and creating these banners, and thank you to everyone that’s been keeping up with the series!

Another Christmas has come and gone and a lot has happened within that year. Ri-chan has finally realized her feelings for Kaoru and is hesitant to act. After Sen confronts her and apologizes for not seeing it sooner they reaffirm that in the end they are family and nothing more. Jun announces that he’s leaving for good and wants to leave Yurika behind, but can he really?

I really do like this anime, but the pacing of the episodes in terms of time is really throwing me off. Maybe I need to watch this all in one go to get a better feel for it. But literally a year as passed in a span of 3 episodes. When Kaoru mentions Sen’s birthday is around the corner and I’m thinking didn’t he just have one a few months ago? Not realizing that it was indeed Christmas time again.


I’m glad that Ri-chan has realized her feelings for Kaoru and has found the courage to try to do something about it versus letting her feelings linger for so long like they did with Sen. However, I have a bit of a problem with how Ri-chan addressed Sen when he was trying to confront her about her feelings. Was she still trying to protect her relationship with Sen by telling him he was misunderstanding the situation? Did she think it was a lost cause that didn’t need to be discussed since she knew they would forever be like family to one another? She could’ve come clean and said she HAD felt that way, but she accepts that they’re nothing more than family to one another versus letting Sen believe that he was imagining things.


This episode was a bit of a jaw-dropper in terms of Jun and Yurika. As touching as the scene on the platform was, I wished that the development of this relationship had been explored a little more leading up to it. I didn’t expect Jun to cave in so easily at the idea of Yurika not being apart of his world anymore when he’d been somewhat cold to her all along.  Will we see more of these two in the next few episodes? Or will their story die here? I hope we see some kind of follow-up. This episode’s title is definitely an embodiment of that final scene. Love me or Leave me is what Yurika is conveying to Jun, and he does exactly what she wants: love her.

Music makes it’s way back into this episode when Sen and Jun duke it out. The song they use to challenge one another is “Four” by Miles Davis. It was definitely the highlight of this episode. The featured jazz pieces in all of he episodes have always been solid pieces of work throughout the series. I’ve actually picked up on listening to a bit more jazz while I work these days. I can definitely thank Kids on the Slope for that.

What did you guys think of this episode? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


3 thoughts on “[Kids on the Slope]: Episode 9 | Love Me or Leave Me

  1. I think Sen and Jun’s battle was a real highlight. Getting back to the notion of “saying it with music” these guys get a chance to express their feelings the best way they know. I really enjoyed the performance, even if it did sound like a brawl at some spots.

    I agree with you that Jun and Yurika could have probably used a little more depth and development. From what we see, Yurika seems like she felt trapped by the persona she had adopted before meeting Jun. There’s no other way I can rationalize her wanting to just leave everything behind to be with him. Jun’s part in this is a little more clear. He’s hesitant to have people depend on him after what happened with his friends in the past, but deep down he wants to be that person for Yurika, so he can’t help himself with her even if he’s uncertain about the future.

    Finally, I think Ritsuko understands more about Sen than the other way around. Perhaps the reason she hadn’t become involved with him in all this time is because his feelings probably aren’t reciprocated to the same level. Ritsuk realizes that Sen would do anything for her, even be in a relationship that he doesn’t find ideal, so she lets him off the hook by claiming it’s a misunderstanding. That’s my take on it anyway. Besides, she’s starting to better understand her feelings for Kaoru, so there’s no sense in making Sen feel bad about a missed opportunity between them.

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  2. This was actually the last episode that I have seen. It did not feel right to continue watching the series without you, so tomorrow I am going to watch the next episode 😊
    As for this one, I am with you on the timejumps. I did not realise it either and this does at times, make the series a bit confusing. But then there are scenes like the one on the platform that makes this series such a worthwhile watch. I really liked that scene a lot, and loved the fact that they did end up with each other in the end. I still have no clue where this series is heading towards though, but I guess we will find out soon enough, seeing that we really are nearing the end.


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