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note: a HUGE thank you to weekendotaku has been helping me a great deal by participating and creating these banners!

Also, I’m a day behind on the series! I have to apologize a bit for that; I’ve been feeling pretty exhausted lately and just absolutely had no energy for anything blog related yesterday. 😦

Kaoru has started avoiding Sen ever since the incident at the beach and has been volunteered by his classmates to be on the executive committee of the school festival alongside Ri-chan. Sen’s joined up as a drummer for “The Olympus” for the festival, but the day of the performance ends up a disaster which Kaoru sucks it up and comes in to save the day. 


The episode opens up with Kaoru walking up the slope again like in the first episode; signifying he’s starting back at square one struggling with his isolation. Ri-chan tries to rectify the awkward situation but Kaoru is bent on keeping his distance, but that doesn’t go as planned.

ep7_sen_yurika.pngSentaro trying to make a move on Yurika after maybe a slight hint of who she’s really into after seeing what record she picks up seems like an act of desperation or an act of frustration? He ends up hitting Jun for getting in the way as it’s pretty clear something has probably happened between them for Yurika to run off crying.  Big Brother Jun is back and in pretty bad shape.

Ah, the last half..of this episode. This scene is what drew me into watch this series to begin with. The clip showcased this medley alone with no context; and the performance was so amazing that I just HAD to watch this show. I absolutely LOVED this half, and is probably my favorite episode so far.


After realizing his mistake Kaoru decides to save the day by playing some piano after hearing Sen say, “I’m keeping my important partner waiting.” I couldn’t help but go “aww” and that scene of Kaoru finding a letter in the mailbox upon hearing that was really heartwarming. He comes out to bring the crowd back with piano, choosing the last song they played together in hopes Sen will respond with his drumming. It’s clear that the two of them are not the best communicators verbally, but through jazz where it almost sounds like a conversation between people you can really tell they’re reconnecting with one another again.


Kaoru says, “Can we get it all back?”, a key moment at the beginning of their duet medley as this is the first conversation with one another since the fight. They can both express their feelings, and frustrations with their music. It was the best way for these two to make-up. I also couldn’t help but notice that Ri-chan’s having flashbacks of the songs that Kaoru plays because the songs he’s choosing to play in this medley are also the songs he used to express his feelings for Ri-chan. The duo’s performance practically moves her to tears, while leaving the entire audience stunned and speechless. Ah, I can’t get over this scene!!!


After the end of the performance, Sen goes for a high-five but ends up grabbing Kaoru’s hand and dragging him out of school and down the slope. Kaoru remarks that he feels that he’s been born again and that he feels light on his feet. Is this the feeling that Sen feels when he runs down that slope? The feeling and the sight that Kaoru wishes to see from Sen’s eyes? Their relationship is so great. Unspoken words between friends with a mutual understanding of just how the other one feels. Seriously, probably one of the best bromances I’ve come to witness! That’s coming a lot from someone that’s obsessed with the sports genre and the bromances that definitely arise from there. I’m really glad that these two made up!!

Can I just point out another observation that I’ve made about these two! I’m almost gushing about this bromance; but you can’t help but notice that these two have changed one another for the better! First we have Kaoru, the new kid that everyone thinks is a little too serious and unapproachable. But, after clearing the air for Ri-chan when they tease her about the status of their relationship, they realize their initial impression of Kaoru is wrong, that’s he actually kind and soft-spoken. Usually the amount of attention he garners makes him nauseous; but surprisingly he’s not; could this be due to the friendship’s he’s cultivated with Sen and Ri-chan. They’ve helped him adjust tremendously and have also drawn him out of his shell quite a bit.  But the same could be said about Sen; the school bully. No one really knows what he’s up to and he’s huge delinquent at school. But after Sen stands up for Seiji against third years Maruo makes a comment about how nice Sen actually is; another misconception the classmates have. These two were labeled by their classmates without really having the chance to really get to know them. They were so intent on staying isolated because of their past experiences that they just accepted that they would always be the outsiders. That final scene of them running down the slope with the world turning more colorful. I can’t help but reminisce about one of Your Lie in April‘s theme of one’s world taking on color and sparkling. I know, I know, it’s referring to falling in love. But looking back at what Tsubaki said in the opening episode, ““The moment I met [her], my life changed. Everything I saw, heard and felt. All the scenery around me started to take on color. The whole world began to sparkle.” She didn’t say it was about love, but it is implied given the story, but….can’t that be said about the special people that touch our lives that aren’t love interests? I brought this up with my “brother” (quotes because he’s really not related to me; but he’s my best guy friend that’s like my bro.) and he’s been watching a long with me as well, and we have discussions about Sen and Kaoru. Since he’s also a huge YLiA fan, he knew what I was referring to. So when I asked if the same thing could be said about Kaoru and Sen, he responded with, “A relationship that transcends the boundaries of romance and genuine admiration. It’s also a mutual partnership that’s not easily defined. It’s easy to box their relationship into a category, but that’s just surface work. Can one have genuine admiration and desire for someone else in the absence of any romantic attraction?” I would have to agree, I think anyone that could have significant impact on us can make our whole world sparkle. That’s indeed how I feel about my bestie who is my total opposite, and how I feel about my “bro”. I may be on entirely off on a tangent, but I wanted to get those thoughts out there….lol.

I can’t stop watching the Medley so, I’m including the clip that originally hooked me into this anime!


What did you guys think of this episode? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


4 thoughts on “[Kids on the Slope]: Episode 7 |Now’s the Time

  1. This was a really great episode. I did’t know how long they would draw out his little feud with Sen, but I did really enjoy watching how they both kind of struggled with it. Even as he tried to keep his distance from Sen, we see that he can’t seem to tear himself away completely.

    I like how you tied back what Tsubaki said, and I agree that it doesn’t have to be connected to romantic love. The flood of color is that feeling you get when you know a person has changed your life, and that just being who they are opens you up to new possibilities. That’s what Kaori did for Kousei, and that’s certainly what Sen and Kaoru do for each other. It’s a great comparison!

    Saying everything they needed to through the music and sweeping aside their differences to share that moment together – I was awed by that medley, and I can see why you were just itching to watch this show now.

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    1. Weekend Otaku, I am finally replying to this comment! I’m sorry I kind of just like…disappeared/dropped off the face of the earth.

      I’m glad you like the tieback. I really do think these two’s worlds were vastly changed by their encounters and it is such an endearing and heartwarming friendship. The medley is so good. I can’t stop listening to it or watching it for that matter! My favorite scene! 😀


  2. Okay…okay I had fallen behind but I’m back! I thought the very same thing about Kaoru walking up the slope at the beginning. He is talking about what a pain it is to walk up the steep incline— back to square one. So the end scene where Kaoru and Sen are running down the slope was everything. It was such an effortless run, carefree and beautiful all the same.

    Overall another beautiful episode. I’m eager to binge the rest but I’m pacing myself in line with the viewing party (it’s hard!)

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