[ED]: “Trust Me”|Sunday Salutations

Good afternoon! I’m back with another ED for you guys! And I think I’m going to call these check-in “Sunday Salutaions” for the time being…sounds a lot cooler than “weekly check-in”…..

This week I’m going back to an anime I really enjoyed but have yet to finish follow-up seasons.  I started Durarara when season 1 was on Netflix and when Season 2 was finally released, it was only available Dubbed. I don’t really have anything against Dubbed, it’s just I had already started the season in it’s subbed form…but anyways! I love all the characters in Durarara the storyline is really interested and love the fact they’re all intertwined and overlap with one another despite the randomness of some of the characters. I also really liked the show because Ikebukero was basically my stomping grounds when I lived in Tokyo!

Title: “Trust Me” | Artist: Yuya Matsushita | Show: Durarara!!

The weeks seem to be passing faster and faster. Where has the time gone for 2017?? Last week flew by before I knew it.  I’ve been pretty productive at work (for the most part) since I started carpooling with my co-worker. She’d been driving me around off and on because I was car-less for awhile. Although I was able to use my parents car, she has constantly insisted that she drive me around since I was on the way; we even started making time to grab coffee at 85 degrees before we head off to work. Unfortunately the first day I drove solo in weeks I was almost late. Why, you ask? Because my co-worker left for her Bachelorette party in Hawaii, so I had no carpool to keep me accountable – that sounds horrible I know. The weekend was a bit busy; I made some time to spend some quality time with my Mom on Saturday and helped clean up the living room of the house – I’ve been assigned to clean the living room once a week (it’s a huge space though; it’s a daunting task) and we’re cleaning up the yard today. Our “summer” kick-off party is coming relatively fast. May marks my Aunt’s birthday month, and she’s huge on throwing parties especially big parties in our backyard. I call it our “summer” parties, even though my Mom doesn’t quite buy it, because we basically have a ton of parties from her birthday all the way till the end of summer. June marks her husbands birthday, July is my birthday month, and August is a huge birthday month for family as well! She’s semi-convinced since I said we essentially have 1 party a month till we can no longer host outdoor events.

Oops, I rambled a bit…but…I digress. How was everyone’s week? Did you have any big deadlines at work? Or exciting plans for the weekend? Read anything interesting? I seriously love these check-ins to see how all of you guys are doing! 🙂

8 thoughts on “[ED]: “Trust Me”|Sunday Salutations

  1. I’ve been meaning to watch Durarara!! I started it but it just didn’t resonate with me. As far as being late for work when no one is holding me accountable… guilty!

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  2. I love this ending so much!! It’s one that I tend to listen to quiet a lot :’) Thanks for sharing! 😊


  3. Haven’t seen this anime yet, but it will probably have to wait for a while. My back catalog of things to watch is so big right now, that I really don’t want to add any new shows.
    As for your question, I had a bit of a boring weekend. Honestly it was the first time that I was actually glad I could go back to work (and trust me that does not happen very often 😊). I have not seen much new stuff besides ofcourse Kids on the Slope which is still highly enjoyable. Hope you will have a great week: enjoy 😀


    1. I hear that. I want to get back to Durarara, but it’ll be awhile. After Kids on the Slope I’m going to take some time to really pick the next few shows I want to watch and hopefully write about. Ah yes, the show is still really good. I can’t wait for the next episode! We’re halfway there!

      I need to go out and explore more on the weekends. But I shouldn’t speak too soon, the rest of the weekends left in May are jam packed full of stuff! I’ll be longing for a boring weekend in no time.

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  4. Last week was mostly a week… Got caught up re-watching Shirobako and spent Sunday (when I’d planned to get caught up on writing) out hiking and wandering about with my camera, so I’m massively behind. (And in addition to my weekly post, I also have a handout for a class I’m teaching Tuesday evening to finish.)

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    1. Oh! What kind of class do you teach? I’ve been trying to design a poster to catch students’ eyes so they’d be interested in taking a class that I T.A. for.

      I hear that. I’m pretty behind on all posts except for Kids on the Slope and the weekly themed ones. Content is lacking for me..I’ll get back to it!

      Shirobako is such a great anime! 😀 I hope your week is off to a great start so far!


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