Red Haired Men That Get You Fired Up!

Hey guys! I’m back with a list of my favorite fiery red haired men to kick off the work week!




This is probably no surprise since I’ve written a bunch about UBW. Shirou barely made top 10! If it weren’t his relationship with Rin, he probably wouldn’t have made the list. I rather enjoy their relationship a ton which is why I had to include him.



Ah, I had to include this loveable shark. Rin doesn’t rank super high on my overall list, but he’s definitely a standout character. He’s adorable; but stubborn as hell! But that angst is probably what we love about him most!



A standout character from me on Death Parade even though he didn’t get too much screentime. Although he picks fights with Decim a lot and looks down on humans a lot; I think he tries to have a better understanding once he meets a human he has a hard time judging and eventually comes to admire.



What can be said about Grell. He’s over-the-top and outspoken. But for me, it’s his flamboyance and style that always has me glued to the screen when he pops up. I love the relationship between them and Sebastian. I recently found out that Grell is a trans-woman as stated by Yana Toboso, and that the fandom is still in debate about which pronoun should be used to refer to Grell.



Miko-rin is my favorite character from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. His best friend Nozaki is a shoujo mangaka, and he absolutely loves reading it! Little does he know that the female lead is modeled after him; and everyone around him seems to realize this! He’s a huge flirt on the surface, but he’s actually lacking in confidence and likes to keep to himself otherwise. His princely exterior is just a façade! Like the gif shows; his flirtatious nature is quite cringey. And his two personalities are almost night and day! If you haven’t seen this anime, I would suggest it. I found it to be silly and hilarious.




Mikoto’s role was sooo shortlived. I wish he had been around much longer than one season! The original king of the red clan left a lasting impression on the group; and a lasting impression on the audience. He’s just one of those characters you just can’t seem to forget about.



As we delve into the colored haired types, you’ll without a doubt see A LOT of KnB characters. #sorrynotsorry. I’ve grown attached to all the multicolored haired boys in KnB because they bring something different to the table (not necessarily unique to sports shows really – just different). Kagami at first seems like the most intimidating on the court; but as you get to know him more, he’s actually quite the opposite. He’s a big softie and really innocent; and not to mention a huge coward when it comes to puppies. My favorite scene of him will forever be the episode where he yells “This is Japanese Lunch Time Rush!”



Souma is in my top three because I love his attitude. Sure he’s a bit cocky about his talents, but the fact that he’s always constantly trying to improve his cooking and expand his world to be much more like his Father is what drives me to continually watch this show. He lives and breathes his cooking world as much as I live and breathe architecture (though it’s not shown on this blog as much).



He may not be an anime character, but there was no way I could NOT include him on this list! 707 was the true route of Mystic Messenger and byfar my favorite route of them all in-game. He was all laughs in the chats, but deep down he was in a lot of pain. When I found out he was in love with MC in all of the routes I was slightly heartbroken not knowing that the entire time!




Akashi might be a controversial pick just because of all the Generation of Miracles he wasn’t exactly the friendliest. Akashi has two personalities; the one we see is the one that sees himself as an absolute. He always wins, that’s just how it is. This personality was a defense mechanism that was triggered in middle school to always ensure victory and control over any given situation. I personally think it was the pressure of being the perfect captain to control those whose talents were blossoming more rapidly than his and the pressure of being the perfect student/child that brought on the change.

So, who would’ve made your top 10? Are any of the above on your list?

24 thoughts on “Red Haired Men That Get You Fired Up!

    1. Ohh, I haven’t gotten to Assasination Classroom yet. So many shows to get to! *sigh*. Thanks for stopping by Karandi! And congrats on the 1 year anniversary! I’ll have to stalk your posts later this evening!

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      1. Thanks.
        You should definitely check out Assassination Classroom. The first season is funny and cheesy as, but gets more serious later. The second season is some good character development followed by heart break. It just works.

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  1. Love your list, Grell all the way. Also, I love Mystic Messenger and I completely approve of 707 being on this list. I’m not sure if you’ll consider their hair orange or red, but Kaoru and Hikaru from Ouran set my heart on fire.

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    1. Ohh noooo don’t tell me that I forgot the twins T_T; they’re considered auburn which is reddish brown…I failed….maybe I can sneak them into orange day…<3 <3.. Ouran is THE best! ❤


  2. ~quiet squeal~ Yes, red heads are so cute. >w< ❤ Fun post as always! Rin Matsuoka is my favorite on the list… his personality is cute, and I love his shark teeth. I've heard of Mystic Messenger and have been interested in playing it… do you have to make in-game purchases to complete the game?

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    1. the in-game purchases are optional. The game is pretty good about awarding you Hourglasses – I hoarded those and used those to unlock the special stuff. The one way to avoid having to spend money on it is if you’re on time for the chat’s. Theyre timed chatrooms to participate in, and the hardest chats are the ones that occur from midnight to 6am. there’s like 3 chats that occur in this span…my sleep schedule was indeed messed up due to playing this game – it takes (almost useless) dedication. When you miss a chat you use the hour glasses to unlock it. You could skip it, but I don’t know how much that affects your relationship with the character. lol. haha Rin’s growing on me! He’s sometimes a bit too angsty in season 1 for my personal tastes but without a doubt he’s a cutie! season 2 he was much better for me lol.

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      1. Thank you for all the insight! I’ll definitely consider playing… although my sleep schedule is finally improving, so that’s troubling (game-wise)…

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        1. Sleep is important! Doesn’t hurt to try one route. and no worries! we’re all here to share insights and what not 🙂 so feel free to ask any questions. I don’t mind at all!

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