[Kids on the Slope]: Episode 2 | Summertime

note: I want to give a quick shout out and a huge thank you to weekendotaku for helping me out and creating the header images for the watch-along series!! 

Kaoru is attempting to self-study jazz after being told he doesn’t have a sense for jazz; trying to learn it to spite Sentaro and to impress Ritsuko. As summer vacation approaches he tries to set-up a date with Ritsuko, but that doesn’t go exactly as planned..


The impromptu jazz session brought on a very different side of Kaoru; he was full on smiling the entire time. I’m a bit surprised he was able to catch and participate almost fluidly with the trio even though he’s a complete newbie. Kaoru still doesn’t see Sentaro or maybe even Ritsuko as more than classmates; but the more he spends time with them, I think his view of friendship is slowly changing. We also met Jun, an older brother figure and another childhood friend to the duo. I wonder what kind of role he’ll have going forward!


Karou’s failed attempt at a date is ruined by Sentaro tagging along. I think Ritsuko realized that Kaoru doesn’t know how to have fun which is probably why she talked to Sentaro into helping her kidnap him for a beach day.  In the span of a few weeks, the duo seems to have done quite a bit to pull Karou out of his unsociable state. They have been very open to him whereas he’s still unsure – an issue of trust since he has moved around so much? It’s easier to not get attached to people that way.

The beach scene was a great look at the beginning of love stories that will probably complicate one another and further impact the blossoming friendships and probably test long-standing ones. First we have Kaoru realizing his attraction to Ritsuko, and wanting her to smile all the time; which causes him to be a little less uptight and actually gets him to have a fun day at the beach. Second is Sentaro’s love-at-first-sight moment. It’s possible that Kaoru may use this to his advantage in the next episode; but where does that put Ritusko? I know I originally said that Sentaro may have been pining away for Ritsuko; but this episode seemed to really focus on the fact they really are childhood friends.

Overall, I thought this episode had a more fun playful side that’s definitive of ‘summertime’ since I found myself laughing most of the episode. Especially with Kaoru trying to break out of his shell and be more of a man like Sentaro. It’s almost a stark contrast from the first episode where Kaoru was indifferent and uninterested in really making friends. I also, find the pacing of the show to be a tad unclear, not that it’s a deal breaker for me, I just can’t tell if the episode is happening within a span of days or week. It seems to be weeks; since it’s stated that Kaoru has been playing jazz the last two weeks.

Also, totally random, but I don’t know what it is, but I’m finding the animation really refreshing…? I can’t explain it!

This is the song the jazz trio turned quartet played (if my research was correct):

What did you guys think of this episode? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

12 thoughts on “[Kids on the Slope]: Episode 2 | Summertime

  1. I have to agrees with your comment about the animation style. It looks a bit oldschool at times, but really isn’t. It’s a bit of a combination, this was a fun episode. I liked the way that Kaoru is trying to run into the fight, but then trips over himself and nearly drowns. That was a very funny scene. The rest of the episode was hood as well. Still have no idea where this series is going to be heading for, but it’s been enjoyable nonetheless 😊

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    1. LOL yes that scene had me in stitches! I thought that was a great scene to break up the fight; especially when Kaoru resorts to just splashing his assailants with water before they start running around like children playing tag. Did you also notice the change in music tone in this section? I couldn’t help but notice there was a bit of classical elements associated with Kaoru and then jazz when it’s sentaro…or maybe I’m imagining things…:)

      I have no idea where this is going either, but I agree,it’s been enjoyable!

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    2. The realistic animation is indeed refreshing. I think if they would’ve tried to make it more exaggerated, the series would’ve lost some of it’s charm.

      My favorite part of the fight was when Sentaro takes a running leap off the stairs and tackles Kaoru’s assailants. He just completely comes out of left field.

      This series is giving me the vibes of a feel good, old school movie… like “Stand by Me,” “The Sandlot” or “Now and Then,” just kids being kids before the age of Internet took off.

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      1. yes Kimmie I would agree with the old school movie vibe! Stand by me was such a good one too!! They exaggerated Kaoru’s imagination a bit; but I didn’t mind that, I thought those drawings of them were super cute. HAHA, yes! I thought him leaping off that flight of stairs was so over the top, and he didn’t even realize who he was saving till mid-speech! I was laughing hard due to the pretty boy losing a tooth and then threatening Sentaro’s popularity in class…he was just like “oh? what? We’re in the same class?” Clearly doesn’t really care about status and popularity. He seems to be a lone wolf outside of Jun and Ri-chan


      2. That really is a very good comparison. Had not thought of it that way, but you are absolutely correct 😊 I have so far really enjoyed this series as a whole, and the animation for it is definitely part of it’s charm 😊

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      3. Sentaro’s “Dynamic Entry” moment was really fantastic. The whole mood of the scene shifted, and even when you knew from the second we saw Ritsuko running to find Sen that Kaoru wasn’t going to get in any trouble, seeing him come to the rescue was such a fun moment.

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  2. Nicely done Zel. I agree that we are seeing big changes in Kaoru already and that it is absolutely Ritsuko and Sentaro who have caused it.

    I felt as though a love triangle might’ve made for some interesting character progression, but it seems this series has chosen to avoid that trope altogether by introducing Sentaro’s love interest at the end of the last episode. For what it’s worth, that moment was every bit the slow motion falling in love scenario that people dream of. I loved it.

    With each passing episode, I consider how the narrative can be attributed to elements of Jazz itself. In the end, the lesson is that, like Jazz, life is not meant to follow a strict structure. As Kaoru’s impromptu Jazz session indicates, it is the unexpected moments that are slated to make the fondest memories.

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    1. I agree with the love triangle aspect. But well, we saw what happened in episode 3. I’m still a bit shocked. haha! totally read that the wrong way! and yes, i agree. Sen’s reaction to yurika is THE scene everyone dreams of for a love at first sight moment!

      I also enjoy the narrative being parallel to the jazz aspects as well! But I’ll save those comments for what i think for episode 3’s discussion! 😀

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  3. I felt bad for Kaoru here as he tried to sneak some time alone with Ritsuko only for her to sabotage him like that. To be fair, her idea was a lot more fun than working on the summer assignment or whatever it was he had planned.

    What I think Ritsuko’s aim, however, is to get Kaoru and Sentaro to be better friends. She can see the start of something there with how Kaoru is opening up thanks to Sen’s remarks about Jazz, but there’s still an uptightness about him that she’s trying to unravel.

    The entire episode did have that carefree summertime feeling, though I can’t help but think most of it was to establish these romantic feelings that the boys have. Sen is hard to place right now, because he’s obviously interested in this new girl but the depth of his connection to Ritsuko is yet to be explored.

    To be critical a moment, I have somewhat of the same problem with this episode that I had with the last one in that some things tend to happen unexpectedly quickly. Kaoru jumps right in to playing with the more experienced group (I don’t fully buy the “just make noise!” suggestion Sentaro made), as well as Sen’s immediate interest in this other girl.

    Then again Kousei did it, so maybe I’m a complete hypocrite 😀

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    1. HAHA, I also felt bad for Kaoru, but man he really needed to get out of his studious mode and just live a little. He didn’t even think about actual summer plans, just trying to find an excuse to hang with Ri-chan! I agree, her aim is for the two boys to bet better friends. However, I think it’s to benefit the both of them in the long run and not just to get the new kid in school to have some friends.

      Hmm, summer love…good point…is this an indication of summer flings?! I’m curious how this will pan out now that you’ve brought it up..I have some suspicions…but we shall see!

      The music aspect is indeed happening a bit fast. I totally agree with you about the whole “just make noise!” i get it jazz has no structure really but uses the chords….dissonant chords from what I’ve read, but for him to get it pretty spot on even though he’s only really played and listened to “moanin'” the last 2 weeks within the episode seems a bit unlikely. But again we don’t know if he’s taken a full liking to jazz and invested in it..but jazz isn’t so easy to pick up on..like sight reading for the first time or learning by ear…well i think so..haha..

      Sen’s immediate interest in this other girl is def. the epitome of love at first sight..sure it happens but that’s what makes for good sappy romance! 😀


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