Townsperson B: Hitoka Yachi

WCW is back!! I may start doing this post bi-weekly since I like to spend time really analyzing these women; I still haven’t decided quite yet. But today’s Crush is a bit on the more softer cuter lighter side of cool ass females; just because my OWLS post the other day was really heavy in content.

Hitoka Yachi was introduced in the second season of the sports anime Haikyuu!! She became Karasuno’s manager after Kiyoko Shimizu, the third year manager, recruited her looking for a replacement for when she graduates. Although she’s a first year like Hinata and Kageyama and mostly a side character, or as she would call it “Townsperson B”; there’s actually a few life lessons to learn in the very few episodes where she’s the center of attention!

5. Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover


Very early on in her introduction she’s shown to quickly judge people by their appearances. For example, she judges Hinata, assuming that he was a manager due to his height; until Hinata corrects her and she sees him in action. She also makes a similar mistake when she meets Coach Ukai, she thinks he’s a delinquent that’s stalking Kiyoko based on his blonde hair, ear piercings, and flip flops and is completely embarrassed when she finds out that he’s actually the Coach of the team.


4. Don’t Let Negative Thoughts Cloud Your Decision

There will always be one person that will play devil’s advocate to anything you show interest in. They’ll question your motives, and whether it would be a good fit for you or not. Yachi’s Mom questions her motives which already causes her to doubt whether she’s fit to be a club manager and question why she would want to do it in the first place. It’s okay to listen to what these people have to say, even if it is coming from your own parents. But take it with a grain of salt, and let that help you make the decision rather than to deter you from a decision. If anything, it should strengthen your resolve.

3. It Pays to be Obsessive


In Yachi’s case, she’s obsessive about details since her Mom is a graphic designer. I relate to this a lot, especially after seeing her share her notes with Hinata. I’m an obsessive note taker and actually do color code quite a bit in my planner and notebooks. It helps to be obsessive about habits because they’ll eventually help later on.  In her case, her obsessive note taking will help her become a better manager as it allows her to comprehend volleyball more and allows her to analyze the opposing team and maybe even come up with her own plays for when she takes over the managerial position.

2. Don’t Underestimate Your Skills/ Self-Worth | Be More Confident

Yachi is shown to be kind of shy, and timid, and clearly believes she has nothing to offer. She’s easily swayed by what her Mom thinks, but having someone as supportive as Hinata pushes her to realize that she should stand up for what she really wants.

When she overhears that Coach Ukai and Takeda Sensei discussion the teams lack of funds, she realizes there is something she can do; she enlists Kageyama and Hinata’s help. Having been exposed to her Mom’s graphic designer background she knows that a poster will be the best way to fundraise the necessary funds that the team needs. Once her Mother sees her passion in it; not only is she proud but starts to help her make a more efficient design. The poster gets the reaction she had hoped for drawing in the funds.

Due to her growing relationship with Hinata and by extension Kageyama, she’s the only one that seems to have the ability to reign in the two, which she doesn’t seem to realize but everyone else on the team acknowledges that due to her connection with them she’d be perfect to be the next manager. She needs to just be more positive about what she has to offer.

1.  It’s Perfectly Fine to Dive into the Unknown!


Yachi has never been one to explore something on her own, been needed or expressed a huge interest in something hence why she refers to herself as “Townsperson B”. She see’s herself as a background character, a tag-a-long. She knows nothing about the sport, and her Mom makes sure to point it out that she can’t half-ass being a manager if she’s not serious about it and is doing it on a whim, saying that it wouldn’t be fair to those on the team that are completely serious about what their doing.

Her Mom may be right in some sense, but we all start from zero. You don’t know the results without at least trying; a little curiosity goes a long way. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something completely new will either be lead to success or to failure. But you’ll never know till you try!

That wraps up this week’s WCW! What do you guys think of Hitoka-chan?

17 thoughts on “Townsperson B: Hitoka Yachi

  1. This is such a great post. I’m still working through season 2 of Haikyuu but I’ve really enjoyed Hitoka joining the team. She brought a new perspective to some things and she is also working hard in the background. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Fantastic post my dear I feel some much needed inspiration honestly. I’m taking a week’s break in a way to pre write some in advance. You highlighted hitoki’s characters and I enjoy your growth, she brought new life to the team itself XD Look out for a post now 😉

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    1. Oohh, sometimes we all need a break to catch up. I was going to use my break to pre-write but I ended up really taking advantage of not writing. hahah! Hitoka was definitely one of the characters that flow low on the radar, but if you really think about her character, I think we’ve all been Hitoka at one point in our lives..unsure, insecure, but wanting to try something new! 🙂 Ooo, what post is this! I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

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  3. As you know I am not much into sports, but after reading this post I have become inspired to maybe even start watching this series (well after Your Lie in April and Yuri on Ice (yes, you read that last one correctly, that one will be up next)). Seriously though, this was a really well written post, with some seriously inspiring words. Really enjoyed this one 😊

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    1. Ooo wait! WeekendOtaku told me he’d do a watch along if I did haikyuu re-watch LMAO! Is this another hint I should do a similar style to his?! Because that sounds like a lot of fun!! 😀

      Btw, I was on ur site I was hoping to find a contact page-I wanted to pick ur brain about how you wrote your film reviews!

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      1. See, I knew there was something missing on my site lol 😂😂 I have just added a contact form on my “about” page. And I would be honored to share some thoughts about that 😊 As for your rewatch idea…well I would certainly join in. I am really enjoying Weekend Otaku’s rewatch feature, so I would definitely join in for this (even though it is a sports anime lol 😂😂)

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  4. I swear I’ve seen that TOWNSPERSON B reference in another anime, but I cannot remember which one. I love it though! It is a hilarious way to call someone a side character. Good post. Haikyuu!! is one of those shows I definitely need to get around to watching.

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    1. Hmm now I’m super curious what anime you saw that used the Townsperson B reference! LOL I know Hitoka references herself as such! 😀

      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂 And Haikyuu!! is indeed a good one. But then again I’m also biased towards the sports genre. LOL.

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  5. Nicely done, kapatid! I really enjoyed the Townsperson B episode in Haikyuu! The manga handled it better than the anime, in my opinion, but either way it’s very inspiring. I was a bit skeptical about Yachi’s character, but now I like her more than Kiyoko because she’s more relatable, whereas Kiyoko just seems so perfect. Keep up the great work, kapatid. Cheers!

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