Top 10 Chocolate Haired Men 

Good morning everyone! I hope you’re all trying to combat your Monday Blues! I’m back with another list for MCM! Today I’ll be counting down my top 10 chocolate brown haired men. Hopefully some of these will bring a smile to your face 🙂

Oh, and it’s pretty clear this list is definitely filled with sports bias. Sorry, not sorry.


Kicking off the list we have Heath from Prince of Stride. He’s the third year captain and a runner in Honan’s stride club. Heath is dependable kinda guy who’s got a bit of a manly spirit. He’s half British and half Japanese. One of his sister’s owns an international fashion company and has modeled a few times against his will, and modeled as a requirement for the company only to gain sponsorship for his stride team. Another dependable big brother type!



Rolling Thunder! The lame catch phrase of Karasuno’s libero/guardian deity Nishinoya. He’s just such a ball of positivity and great energy; there’s just no way any one could hate this adorable little guy! Don’t forget to call him “senpai” he’s the type that would be a sucker for that. It would’ve been blasphemous to not include Noya on this list!



Kiyoshi would be like the older big brother I wish I had. He’s a bit slow sometimes but he’s definitely one of the most warm and kind hearted people you’d find on KnB. He’s just a big loveable teddy bear!



Sousuke was a stand out character in season 2 for me. If I were Sousuke I’d honestly feel some kind of bitter resentment for the boys on the Iwatobi swim club just because Rin transferred schools just so he could swim with them effectively leaving him, his best friend behind to swim alone. It’s rare to see Sousuke crack a smile like the .gif above but when he does…



You’ve probably seen him around the blog before, but Jean is one of my favorite supporting anime characters. He’s very much like Eren Jaeger; which is why they are so keen to butt heads all the time. He may be a cynic; but he stays pretty level-headed in any given situated-making him a natural born leader.  You can see more about what I’ve said about him here.



This list would not be complete without the Death Note mastermind that is Light Yagami. Incredibly smart with his own sense of justice that gets corrupted over time. Light was someone you loved then hated at some point.



I have a confession to make. I haven’t seen Hakuoki the anime, but I have played Okita’s route in the Otome, and he was the first route I ever completed without the use of a guide and I got the best ending possible with him. I was enamored with Okita the entire time and his ending was incredibly bittersweet. I haven’t completed all routes just yet in Hakuoki, but everyone seems to say Harada is best. So far Saito is best for me, with Okita being next. But that ranking may go out the window with Kyoto Winds on the horizon!



Daio-sama! One of my favorite volleyball idiots on the show Haikyuu!! Oikawa never let’s on more than he needs to. He’s Seijoh’s ace and someone that Kageyama respects and looks up to despite Oikawa’s treatment of him. Oh and how can forget Ushijima’s obsession with Oikawa! He should’ve just gone to Shiratorizawa. As if Iwa-chan would let that happen. Iwaizumi is the only character that knows the real Oikawa and has been his partner in crime when it comes to trying to beat Ushijima and Kageyama.




Eren is a bit of a hot head; and definitely acts before he thinks. But seriously, the maturation of his character over the manga series has been pretty exceptional considering. He’s grown to be one of my favorite’s on the show even though he can be quite the brat. I can’t wait to see what happens to Eren as the manga and the show continues.


makoto_tachibanaMakoto should be no surprise to most of you. Makoto closely rivals Vash honestly. I wouldn’t be surprised if he became my number 1 at some point. He’s a kind-hearted gentle giant. He’s a bit of a scaredy-cat and has a bit of an obsession with his BFF; but who can blame him. The two have been through a lot in their lifetime.

But to be honest, aside from Armin (Attack on Titan) being the anime character that’s most like me; Makoto would be right up there as well. I’m a bit of a worry-wart when it comes to the people closest to me; especially my own BFF. She and I are pretty inseperable like Haru and Makoto. I’m usually a little too nice and a bit of a pushover like him as well. So aside from him being my anime crush of present; he’s a mirror image of me sometimes. I wrote about Makoto more in my 30 Day Anime Challenge found here.

That wraps up this weeks MCM! Were any of these guys on your list? If not, I’d love to hear about your favorite Chocolate Haired Men in the comments below!

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