OP: No Need For Promises | Check-in Time!

Happy Easter everyone!! I hope you all had a splendid weekend! I have to say mine was half-unexpected. I was planning to do a majority of my blogging this weekend but alas, that was thwarted by the urget to bake Madeleines of several flavors: plain, chocolate and matcha green tea. They were actually pretty yummy and fast to make. Unfortunately I did not really get to take any photos of the process! Other than that, I’m still stuck in Persona 5 hell.

This weeks’ OP/ED is from Vision of Escaflowne. GUYS, I’m absolutely in love with this anime!! ❤ I’m halfway done with it!

Title: No Need for Promises| Artist: Maaya Sakamoto | Show: Vision of Escaflowne

So as per my weekly op/ed post, I’d like to check in with everyone! How was everyone’s week? Can you name at least 3 good things that happened to you? What are you guys looking forward to this week?

As for me, my top 3 good things that happened were: 1. getting my OWLS post topic nailed down and finished for tomorrow 2. Spending quality time with the family by watching Moana. 3. Making steady progress in Persona 5. LOL.

I’m looking forward to seeing my closest guy friend on Saturday. He’s literally like the brother I never had! He is a big fan of SAO; so we’re catching the English Dub thats only showing Saturday in San Francisco. LOL. I know, I’ve seen it already, but he said he’d only go see it if I went.  He was supposed to go to the original subbed date over a month ago, but he chickened out because he didn’t want to go alone. So he made me promise the next time a huge anime film came out we’d go together.

And as always, I hope you have a great week! Let’s catch up again next week! 😀

8 thoughts on “OP: No Need For Promises | Check-in Time!

  1. Moana was great. I am a CRY BABY in movies and I cried FOUR times while watching it!! It’s pretty embarrassing, actually. I cried in Wreck-it-Ralph, Finding Nemo, and lots of other movies too… Oo, I’m excited for your OWLS post!

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    1. OMG! I also CRIED during it LOL I’m pretty emotional when it comes to films and shows!

      I hope you enjoy my owls post! I may end up tweaking it a little bit tomorrow before it goes live though! 😀

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  2. This was the first Maaya Sakamoto song I heard, and it brings back some great memories. This was such a good series and I’m considering starting up my funimation sub again to watch it.

    I was waiting for my free crunchyroll to kick in before I did that but it looks like they never added it >_<

    Three good things this week:
    1. Made some good progress on my YLIA posts
    2. Watched a good number of YLIA episodes 😀
    3. Managed to feed myself while Kimmie was away

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    1. LOL, and I’m still behind on YLIA because of my post that’s going up tomorrow night *sigh* I had started off writing my blog posts with YLIA in the back but dangit I didnt want to just have it as background. No writing was getting done! Everytime one of the background tracks came up I was starting to feel nostalgic and emotional. Man that show messes with feelings! But in a good way!

      ohh did Kimmie go on a trip? I think i may have saw it on her twitter?

      Ahh escaflowne is so good. I’m seriously in love with it! I need to finish it! 😀

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      1. Yeah Kimmie has been living it up as she went to visit her family. From her twitter it looks like she’s having a super good time 😛

        She can’t watch YLiA so I’ve been trying to work ahead while she’s out.

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  3. Okay, talking about coincidence 😀 I recently got Vision of Escaflowne for my birthday. Have yet to see it, but I guess this a sign that I really need to do that as fast as possible 😊
    As for three good things to happen to me this week:

    1. I got to act as a reference for my best friend who was applying for a job. She went through to the second round which is so awesome
    2. Still enjoying Your Lie in April immensely, have seen over half the episodes now (I don’t want it to end)
    3. My blog went over the 300 followers mark this week, which is crazy 😀

    I hope you will have an awesome week too, enjoy it 😊

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    1. Hi hi! Ah! I NEED ESCAFLOWNE ON DVD!! T-T. It’s seriously everything you could ever want in a show! Action, romance, mecha! You may recall i never had a favorite mecha anime listed, so this may very well be the one!

      yay! acting as a reference is great! I hope your friend gets it!!
      YLIA is an emotional roller coaster, and I’m so glad you’re really loving it! I’m still trying to play catch-up with you guys!!
      and omg HUGE CONGRATS on the 300 mark!! That’s awesome!!

      Thank you so much for participating! I really love being able to interact and chat with you guys through the comments!! Have a great week!


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