Blondes Have More Fun

Good afternoon! MCM is a tad bit behind schedule today due to my spontaneous weekend! Things will be a bit behind schedule this week, I apologize!

As most of you know aside from my sports anime bias, I have a soft spot for blondes in anime. I can’t really explain it, is it something about their golden locks? Is it because of who my ultimate anime crush that spurned on my love for these blondes? Or is just just because all of these guys have a surprisingly silly side to them even when they look so serious?  I could easily pinpoint my number one favorite blonde, but I figured I’d continue with the list format and eventually go back to posting regularly about individuals! So! Without further ado, here are my Top 5 Blondes!



Kunikida is a blonde megane. I struggled whether to put him on the Megane list or on the Blonde list, I opted for the blonde because his hair was one of the most striking features for me. His other “feature” would be the fact that he carries around a notebook and pen for his ideals. Ah, everytime he brought out that notebook I couldn’t help but laugh, because in that sense I am Kunikida. Go through my purse and you’ll find a notebook and a planner! I’m always writing in one or the other whenever something comes to mind.


Genos is probably one of the most badass (male) cyborg’s there is. He’s a little too serious for his own good, and watching him study Saitama made me laugh so hard, because much like Kunikida he carries around a notepad and pen; and if you’ve seen all my Nonsense Nendoroid posts, you’ll know I’ve been using Genos as my resident reporter!


*sigh* Kise. He embodies the two things that I love most in anime. Blondes and Sports. Kise plays the Small Forward position, and is considered the ace for Kaijo high. It’s been noted that Kise’s attitude in the anime is much different than in the manga according to mangaka Tadatoshi Fujimaki. He’s not the good-boy that the anime has portrayed him to be, and is actually a much colder person in the manga (I’ll probably create a post dedicated to Kise based on what I’ve found). I love Kise’s personality on KnB; he’s easily one of my  favorites character on the show. He’s serious about the sport; but if he respects you he’s almost got a puppy dog like personality, especially with Kuroko.


The “prince” type, whose real name is Rene Tamaki Richard Grantaine and is the founder and president of the Host Club. I find Tamaki-senpai to be charming, innocent, caring and kind-hearted. Of course he’s got a narcisistic side of him that allows him to use his charm to make girls swoon for him. Like the majority of my list (Top 3 specifically) have dual personalities that they express. While Tamaki is flamboyant, egotistical and dramatic, he’s actually a dedicated person to both his duties as a host and to his friends.



I. LOVE. VASH. ( I wonder if I’ve said that enough on this blog??) He’s a complex character. The best gunman on the planet and he hates vilence and the idea of taking a life, and is on the search for Love and Peace. His quote, “The ticket to the future is always blank” resonates with me because despite everything he’s been through Vash is always optimistic and looking forward to the future, which is what I love the most about him.  If you’d like to read a more in-depth character analysis on what I’ve had to say about Vash you can read about him here: Favorite Male Character Ever.

31 thoughts on “Blondes Have More Fun

        1. LOL it’s okay 😉 just teasing haha! So far I haven’t disappointed! So that’s a win no matter what. I was afraid I’d get a bit of why isn’t Usui Takumi not listed, it’s because I haven’t seen the anime he’s in. haha!

          There were over 10!! But I would’ve had difficulty ranking the last 5!

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      1. You can say that again! :’) Sams here! Ouran is up there with one of the first anime’s I watched so the character’s hold a special place :’) haha

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  1. No need to apologise: just take your time for it, I’m sure I speak for pretty much all of us that we are not going anywhere. And besides, some things are worth the wait 😊
    I already knew which character would be on number 1, even before scrolling down 😂😂 He really is a fantastic character. As always: great post!

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  2. “He embodies the two things that I love most in anime. Blondes and Sports.” <– Hazelyn, I love that line. You're the best, lol. Should I be watching this show? Any romance? YOI was a sports anime and I really liked that, so…

    TAMA-CHAN!! One of the six fictional men first responsible for my descent into anime madness. Ouran, where would we be without you? (^-^)

    Oh, side note, I was watching a YouTube video the other day and someone mentioned Vash; I immediately thought of you! Lol. I dunno if it is my thing, but the premise of clueless insurance adjusters really made me laugh and think maybe I ought to give it a shot. (^^)

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