Hey guys! I’ve got something a little different to share today.

Recently, a lot of bloggers have been posting about LOOT CRATE and creating their idea of a  “Dream Crate” based on their interests of pop culture, whether it be gaming, anime, comics, etc. So I decided to go ahead and create my own ideal of a “Dream Crate” and I highly suggest others to do it too! Just because it’d be great to see what other people’s themes would be!


Loot Crate is a monthly subscription and community that delivers crates of epic gear to geeks and gamers!

Last week, I learned about a project being put together by Loot Crate. If you haven’t heard of them before, Loot Crate is a mystery crate subscription that focuses on all different genres of pop culture. Their current project is all about finding out what fans would do if they had the ability to create a Dream Crate based on their own interests.

Hmm, I’m sure the title was a dead giveaway. I’m not shy in expressing my love for the sports genre of anime, the boys are a plus, but I do really enjoy sports in real life. So naturally I’d pick a sports anime themed crate!

  1. To kick off the list, I’d pick my favorite blonde of the sports genre! Kise Ryouta Recently, KnB has teamed up with the NBA in a collab for their new movie, (I have a post regarding that coming soon!) and Kise is wearing  my favorite team to root for, the 2015 NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors.
    I want this simple keychain of Kise donning the Golden State Warriors Jersey.

  2. It’s also no surprise that I am apart of the Free! fandom. I’ve got quite a collection of free things, and I’ve had my eye on this set for quite some time!

  3. Heading back to KnB, I’ve always wanted to try Murasakibara’s snacks! So I’d probably ask for a package of Umaibou. Murasakibara eats Maibou – a parody of Umaibou (delicious stick).

  4. This list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of my beloved Haikyuu!! boys! The DVD set would be a great addition for a collector such as myself! 🙂haikyuu_box_set

  5. Since I’m new to Yowamushi I’d probably add the first volume of the mangamanga-Yowamushi-Pedal-1

  6. And last but not least, Prince of Stride. The PSVITA otome game! Even though it’s not localized, I would love to get my hands on this. I had enjoyed the anime, but was surprised to see it was a VN/Otome.prince_of_stride_psvita.jpeg

That just about sums up what I would put in my Sports Themed loot crate! I was able to recruit one other person to join in on creating their dream crate as well, what do you know Mel also assembled a sport anime crate!

Check out her cute little story about her dream crate here: A Nice Little Crate Story.

What would put in your dream crate? I’d love what to hear what would be in yours! Or better yet, create your own post and link it to me here! Thanks for reading guys! 🙂


      1. Loot Crate is pretty savvy when it comes
        to listening to their audience & feedback.

        We still think it is a great product & brand,
        just wish they would source more USA 🇺🇸
        made stuff (since they are USA based).

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  1. Great Selections. 🌴⛱️

    The new problem is loot crate has gotten 🐸 greedy💰.
    With 5 different boxes and counting, the Quality items
    are now “distributed” between different subscriptions.

    More boxes = less quality🐍. Our first crate was best🌈.
    Heroes w Groot & 🐢TMNT🕳️. http://wp.me/pAJ5G-2Hn

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  2. Kise’s so disgustingly handsome, ugh. Don’t know whether to squeeeeeeze him or push him away. Such lovely merchandise, your crate’s awesome! Mine would probably contain a piece from any Haikyuu uniform set, to inspire me to start exercising more, haha. Hard pressed to pick what team, though.

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