Megane Monday!

This week’s MCM is a bit special; some of the following weeks may end up being a Top 5 list; because well it’s hard to choose one favorite. I may end up featuring each of these guys more in-depth but for now I shall list my top Megane’s! This also coincides with Naja‘s March Megane Madness theme. Ah, you gotta love alliteration. Be sure to check it out when you can: her first post is here.


Here are my top ranked starting from the bottom of the list!


10. Yukimura, Toru || Aoharu x Machine Gun
His character is so funny. He’s monotone, his eyes look a bit empty and appears to be callous but he’s actually a big softie; especially when it comes to his BFF. He’s a mangaka that specializes in the S&M genre; and when his fans ask for his autograph, he often has them beg for it. I wonder why he made the list 😉

katsuki_yuri9. Katsuki, Yuri | Yuri!! on Ice
Yuri is such a cutie! I would say that he’s probably the most super relatable character on the show; more so than say Viktor (even though he’s my fave).  He’s a sexy pork cutlet bowl whose evolution throughout the show was incredibly heartwarming, and I fangirled at every time his song “yuri on ice” played!


8. Ryugazaki, Rei | Free!

Ah, Rei! This megane had to be added. His penchant for all things beautiful is what landed him on this list. He’s calm and collected and often exudes a comical sense of confidence. He’s a bookworm and loves theories and research. Maybe that’s why I love him so much! A fellow bookworm.

fushimi_saruhiko7. Fushimi, Saruhiko | K: Project
As I’m making this list I’m starting to notice a lot of my favorite megane’s have a bit of a twisted personality, if not calm, cool and collected. Fushimi likes to pick on his old friend Yata from the red clan any chance he gets. He also is known as a traitor since he left the red clan to join up with the blue clan.

munakata_reisi.gif6. Munakata, Reisi | K: Project
King of the Blue Clan, my favorite character in the anime series. He’s the epitome of sophisticated. A natural born leader he tries to negotiate first before having to resort to violence to end a conflict. Also, he looks pretty damn cool with his sword.


5. Arima, Kousei | Your Lie in April
Kousei is probably the megane I relate to the most on this list as a fellow perfomer. He’s a genius on the piano; playing each song perfectly as it was written by the composer. I loved watching his journey as a perfomer, learning to express the music the way he feels it versus playing it the way it was written.


4. Ginoza, Nobuchika | Psycho-Pass
Ginoza, I wasn’t sure if I should include him or not; because he’s not exactly wearing prescription glasses. He wears them because he thinks it’ll help him keep his psycho-pass clear. However, he has perfect vision. His Dad later tells him that their eyes look the same as his when he was a young detective.  Later on in the show Ginoza will abandon the glasses because he doesn’t want to deny the resemblance he has to his father.




3. Kyoya Ohtori | Ouran High School Host Club
Kyoya-senpai! My second favorite of the hosts of this anime. The “Dad” of the group keeping everyone in line and taking care of the business side of things. I can relate to him because of his feelings towards family responsibility and wanting to paint outside the frame. That episode was exactly why Kyoya became one of my faves.


2. Hyuuga, Junpei | Kuroko no Basket
Clutch Shooter and team captain, Hyuuga is one of my favorite KnB characters. He likes to inspire his teammates in an odd way; he talks down to them. But that’s what’s so enjoyable about his personality. He’s always frowning, but when push comes to shove he’s dependable. Oh, and his favorite NBA player seems to be Steph Curry of GSW – my team!



1.Tsukishima, Kei | Haikyuu!!
The saltiest Megane of all! Tsukki takes top spot because 1. he’s megane and 2 he’s a blonde! (I’m a sucker for blondes) That and his sarcastic personality makes him pretty darn loveable in my book. Season 3 we saw major developments in his character and i was literally over the moon (haha puns!) when he had his moment on the court.

That wraps up my special MCM this week! Who are your favorite megane anime characters?

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          1. Fushimi’s dad and Fushimi himself are really similar both personality and look. Fushimi hated his father to death. When he died from some illness, Saruhiko got to see him at the hospital (his mother ask him to go) and Fushimi started punching his death body. Yata had to stop him.

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