Role Model: Haruhi Fujioka

Ah! Finally back with WCW, it’s been quite awhile I know. I took a break for work and also because as you know, I’ve been picking women to celebrate and write about for more than just their looks. I feel like I really need to take the time and do some research on these fierce ladies because they deserve the time. I’m still going to try to stick to a weekly post; but we will see.



First off, Ouran High School Host Club may be a RomCom, but I find a lot of the topics covered a lot deeper upon a closer look. To restart WCW, I’m going to go with another classic favorite of mine. Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club. Haruhi is a classic example of what a role model is and should be for little girls.


Haruhi is our heroine and MC on Ouran, and right off the bat at the beginning of the anime she’s shown as a boy in an elite private school. After having accidentally broken a vase in Music Room 3, where the host club resides, she’s enlisted as a Host to repay the broken vase. Most of the boys have no clue that Haruhi is actually a girl due to her appearance and don’t really treat her as such till after the revelation. The show depicts her life as a host and the romance that develops between her and Tamaki Suoh.


Gender Views
Haruhi is a really relateable character; and I think of her to be a positive role model and influence just on sheer personality alone. She doesn’t care for looks or gender and this is one of the first things that I find incredibly mature about Haruhi. She doesn’t believe that gender makes that much of a difference on an individual’s choices. She’s straightforward in her beliefs which I find to be an admirable quality. She’s also quite the hit with the ladies in the host club due to her conversational skills giving her the “natural”type; which she actually embraces her skills to charm the customers as it helps her clear her debt to the club sooner.


Haruhi is also a bit of a bookworm. She enrolls in Ouran to follow her Mom’s footsteps. Her mom is her role-model like many of our own Mom’s are.  All children strive to be like their parents and also make them proud of their accomplisments. She holds her studies as her priority and this is something I highly believe too, another reason why I love Haruhi so much. She earned a scholarship into Ouran based on her entrance exam, which leads me to another great thing about Haruhi that I admire. Haruhi doesn’t come from an affluent background like her classmates. She’s had to work for her place at that school which makes her the more responsible of the bunch.


Most importantly, I love that Haruhi strives to be as independent as possible. It wasn’t easy having a single-parent raise her and she tried to be as indpendent as possible because she knew her Father was doing his absolute best for her. He may see it as her trying to push him away; but it’s actually her doing her own best to alleviate any undue burden that could befall her dad by helping out in her own way.


Due to her belief in genders being equals; she often finds her self in a lot of trouble due to her stubborness about it. For example, the beach scene in the anime, Haruhi tries to “save” a few of the girls from a bunch of thugs that are harassing them by standing up to them. She believes that she’s in the right for doing that, while the hosts (especially Tamaki) are upset that even though she was right to do so; she easily could’ve been overpowered by both the men.

Haruhi is a great character and a great role model. She’s mentally tough, responsible, smart and fiercely independent. She doesn’t get swept away by the guys’ charms in the host club and is fairly reasonable, grounded, down to earth girl. However, it appears that when it comes to love she’s a bit dense as she doesn’t realize her growing feelings for Tamaki.


I wish I had watched and heard about Ouran when I was a lot younger. Although, I have a lot of qualities that align with Haruhi’s now it would’ve been a lot cooler to have been able to relate to her as a kid when I was trying to figure myself out a bit more.

What do you guys think of Haruhi? Have you seen Ouran High School Host Club? Let me know in the comments below! I’m glad WCW is back!

7 thoughts on “Role Model: Haruhi Fujioka

  1. i really like haruhi though it’s been FOREVER since i last watched the series which is crazy bc it’s sitting on my shelf, i could watch it whenever xD and everything you said is on point! i think i would have been able to relate to her if i’d watched this when i was in 6th grade and it would have helped me bc i was kind of that kid that parents couldn’t tell was a girl or guy xD it kind of made me feel even more shy about myself ^^;;

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