Take Two! Feb 19 – 25

Happy Tuesday!! I hope all of your Monday Blues’ have dissipated by now.

Let’s recap!


  • 100th Post Hiatus: I celebrated my 100th post with a nendoroid feature, with Kageyama Tobio as my host. He, alongside a few more characters got me a lot of feedback and inspiration for new content on this blog!
  • Kicking off the Week with some Slow Rock: I featured the ED from my favorite Comedy/Slice of Life: Barakamon.
  • Master Calligrapher: Handa Sei: MCM featured the protagonist of Barakamon. I figured the ED would be a huge hint.
  • [NENDOROID NOOK]: A New Challenger Appears!: I  kicked off Nendoroid Nook this week when a new nendoroid appeared on my doorstep! I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way for me to showcase my lovely collection is to create a manga starring them in their various situations! 🙂
  • Viktor’s Leap of Faith – [OWLS Blog Tour]: I joined up OWLS recently and am proud to annouce this as my first Blog tour! An analysis of Viktor in Yuri!! on Ice!


  • WCW is still on hiatus I’m sorry! I’ll get back to it. These take more time than my MCM’s because they’re not just eye candy!
  • ANi-Reality and Fantasy Friday are also backlogged but don’t fret content will be coming soon!


That just about wraps up last week! 😀

Did I miss any interesting posts? Let me know in the comments below!


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