The Shepard and the Hound: Shinya Kogami

I’m so excited that today is finally favorite psychological male day. Mel, you totally called this one – but this one was a dead giveaway from the moment we became friends.  By the way, if you’ve been following me for awhile; then you know that Shinya was bound to make this list since I am a huge Psycho-Pass fan!

Edit 2/14/17:*I should’ve checked back to the prompt because well, weekendotaku totally called this one too.*



Shinya Kogami, one of the main protagonists from the anime Psycho-Pass (2012) is one of the Top 3 favorite male characters. He’s a highly skilled detective and is able to solve cases fairly quickly due to his calm and collected demeanor. He’s often depicted as detached from emotion as well as have sharp instincts and insights that some people would over look. He’s highly respected amongst his peers; both Detectives and Enforcers. He also has a high level of training in hand-to-hand combat; specializing in a style called “Silat” while being proficient in kick boxing and wrestling.

Prior to the opening events in episode 1 of Psycho-Pass, Kogami was an Inspector, often called a Shepard on the field. Three years before Tsunemori joined the MWPSB, Kogami was in her position investigating the “Specimen Case”, he was in charge of an Enforcer (a.k.a. a Hound) by the name of Sasayama. They had been friends more than anything, something Ginoza Nobuchika often frowns down upon. During this case Sasayama is on the verge of finding the killer behind these brutal murders when he is caught and then mutilated and put on display like the other victims. Kogami, the first to find Sasayama experiences a spike in his crime coefficient and refuses treatment. As he starts to obsess over the case and becomes hell-bent on finding the killer, Kogami’s crime effiecient eventually slips to a point of no return and is effectively demoted to an Enforcer. As an Enforcer he was designated as Hound 3, and as an inspector he was referred to as Shepard 2.


Over the course of the show, Kogami starts to detect that the SIBYL system of being weakness, and because of SIBYLs strict judgement he’s not able to pursue Makishima the way he wants due to his emotional attachement to the case via Sasayama’s death. In the end, he turns his back on the MWPSB and the SIBYL system and runs off to capture Makishima by his own volition; thus creating a rift between him and Tsunemori. After the events of Psycho-Pass he’s figured out a way to get from Japan and into the Shambala float and becomes a leading force in ther conflict as part of the anti-government guerrilla group.


Kogami Shinya is the epitome of brains and brawn, and a total bad-ass to boot. Not only was he a really handsome character; he had the intelligence to back it up. He was a well-read character and was great with observation and analysis in any given situation. On top of that he was a bad ass when it came to combat skills. The man has it all, and is why Shinya Kogami will always be my number 2. (hey! That fits with his designated Shepard 2 tag!) As always, thanks for reading and see you with next week’s MCM!

Thoughts on Shinya Kogami? Who would be your favorite character from the Thriller/Psychological genre of anime? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂

22 thoughts on “The Shepard and the Hound: Shinya Kogami

  1. Damn Ko…it’s funny to think that is behavior in the anime psycho-pass is almost the total opposite of when he start as Inspector. Anyway Kogami is a great choice.
    The last picture 😍 wouldn’t mind waking up beside him like that 😆

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  2. I hesitate to jump in given what this comment section has been like thus far. When will the male form stop being objectified?!? 😛

    I can’t say I love Kogami for the same reason as you but yes, he’s awesome. BTW I believe I got this one before Mel, but only because I was stalking your blog when you posted the schedule, I think. I need to get back to guessing the others.

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    1. LOL MCM was kind of meant for fangirling, which is why my WCW is the offset lmao. Balance is important 😉 Oh, I’ll have to go check the comments from that previous post!

      Thanks for reading! And commenting despite the above fangirling! Never hesitate!

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  3. I agree with weekendotaku, I don’t like him for the same reasons you do (lol😂), but he really is a fantastic character. Everdingen the first episode it is just one of those people that you instantly like when he appears. So yeah, you go fangirling all the way 😊😊

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  4. Gotta agree with the above two – I don’t like Kougami for the same reasons as you. Makishima is more my kind of guy because who doesn’t like a razor blade to the neck on a date? Yayoi’s fine too. She can have her way with me any day.

    Anyhow, Kougami’s not really on my list of favorite characters but I still enjoyed his role in Psycho Pass a lot. His struggle against the system and ultimate decision to pursue his own brand of justice definitely made for some of the most engaging moments in the show.

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