Winter 2017: Week 4 Re-cap….but not really…..

Per week, I’ve been arranging these reviews per order I was watching. However, I think I’m going to write them based on what I found to be the more interesting/entertaining. Fuuka has moved to the bottom while Nanbaka moved up. I’ve really only watched Nanbaka this past week.

Unfortunately this week, has been incredibly busy so I haven’t been able to watch much if anything at all. Majority of these will just be marked with my author’s note that I am in need to catch up.  This is generally why I didn’t want to do episodic reviews, but I figure this will somehow help keep me accountable for my shows while providing more content. Also you’ll notice the 3 lists were ordered by season and within those lists are sub-lists of shows that I’d have them listed in what I deemed to be more important/entertaining.

However, since I didn’t watch much from the winter season, I’ll be ranting featuring something from my backlog list that I DID end up watching this week:

Miscellaneous (the Backlog list)


Daimidaler (Kenzen Robo Daimidaler)
Over the weekend, as most of you know, I was working from home, plugging away at my computer working on some floor plans for a project deadline. I had tweeted out that I had needed something to watch in the background. shoujothoughts had suggested “Dance with Devils,” which I put on, but the bishies were blinding and distracting so I was forced to turn it off and save it for another day in which I can appreciate them.

Then my dear friend Jill, like the sweetheart that she is, decided to recommend what she deemed to be the worst anime in existence. She proclaimed:

“I needed someone else to share my pain with, it’s not fun to suffer alone” – Jill

She knew that I, an ani-masochist, would absolutely have to finish what I started as she suffers from the same self-diagnosed condition. Why would you put yourself through it if it was the worst? Curiousity killed the cat, and oh how right she was. No one should ever have to endure this pain alone. “What’s Daimidaler about?” you ask? Oh hohoho, well let me give you the rundown!

The comedy centers around a high school boy named Madanbashi Kouichi who has Hi-ERo particles, the power source to operate the robotic weapon Daimidaler.

With the help of Sonan Kyouko from the mysterious Prince Beauty Parlor organization, he stands up against the Penguin Empire that troubles humanity. – MAL & ANN

This anime was quite the eye-opener. The dialogue is so hilariously bad to listen to as background noise. At times I found myself questioning myself ,“Wait, did they really just say….that?…I’m just hearing things…..right?”. Unfortunately, every time I thought I misheard something, I completely did NOT. Believe me I’ve rewound things and read the subtitles. I was not mistaken, they really said that! But alas, it was just too was hard to look away. No, really. I’m dead serious, it really was hard to look away. It was a tractor beam that kept pulling me further into into this crazy daimidaler world.  It’s the type of bad that you just can’t stop watching. So, I mean….I guess it has it’s own kind of charm? (As Naja has said).

Special Attack! Two-handed quadruple skirt-flip!

Several thoughts:

  1. I’ve never seen an anime so ecchi that it should be considered a hentai. I was not prepared for the level of nudity that was involved. But I mean, what more could you expect from a series where charging up your robot means you have to do perverted things (a.k.a. fondle boobs) – and as has called it “Deus Sex Machina” – a fictional element that requires sex for it to work; in this case, the robot.
  2. And apparently “Daimidaler” translates into “Huge Slut” or “Great Slut”. I mean….not that I’m completely surprised by this revelation….
  3. The cutaway shots for where commercials should appear was incredibly suggestive. Imagine a sex scene….without the male counterpart…awkward….and this was one of the more tame cuts!!!!
  4. PENGUINS WITH FRONT TAILS. Yes, just imagine that for a second. Oh? No? You can’t? Here’s some wretched eye-candy to torture you with:front_tailsAND THE PENGUINS SING THEIR OWN DAMN THEME SONG!!
  5. This show is so blunt with it’s innuendo that it’s not really… innuendo anymore? Okay, it’s straight diry talk. Lewdness to the max!
    Here, let me provide you with some examples:

    • “Why is your front tail at my mouth level”
    • “Enough about their dick tails!”
    • Penguins: “She polished our front tails! On her knees no less!” The character literally did polish their tails till the sparkles.
    • “A voice as soothing as an industrial-size jar of hand lotion.”
    • “They call it a ‘blow’ because it really, really sucks.”
    • “I’m so happy you helped yourself to my tongue like it was a free breadstick”
    • “It’s like watching two emoji’s trying to mate”
    • character 1: “we’re finally breaking our dry spell”
      character 2: “yeah, but how much of a pounding can she handle?”
      (This is them referring to breaking out a new mecha model)
    • Your titties should be feared and respected!

Honestly, I could sit here all day chronicling  these terrible lines for you, they are pure nuggets of genius. Can you sense the sarcasm? I hope so. The lines are so lewd and so bad that I end up laughing till my sides hurt and crying at the same time.  There’s absolutely no plot in this story. It’s really for shits and giggles and probably poking fun at a ton of different tropes. Sure this show has got it’s own charm…I guess, but it’s not for the faint of heart or for those who can’t see the hilarity that is found in complete garbage.

You’re probably confused. Is this a positive review or a negative? She’s complaining right? This is a rant….but she’s laughing? *sigh* Believe me, I’m just as lost and confused as you are as you read this. I’m not sure how to feel about Daimidaler. Yes it’s bad, It’s really really…really…really bad. I can’t emphasize that enough. But, I just …can’t…. help but be entertained for entertainments sake.


To be fair, even though I talk about it and can laugh about it I highly doubt I would ever suggest for anyone to watch this. For the love of all things pure and good, don’t ever turn on Daimidaler. Feeling curious still? DON’T DO IT. I BEG YOU. Don’t suffer as I have in this hell!! And don’t blame me for your dead brain cells if you do!

This kind of humor will definitely kill brain cells, no lie. But I still can’t turn away! Damn the ani-masochist that dwells in my soul!! Thankfully I’m 8 episodes in with 4 to go and then I can purge my memory banks. Seriously, where’s that Men in Black memory wiper when you need it!?


Winter 2017 Watch List:

*Kuzu no Honkai (Scum’s Wish)
*Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-Hen
*Blue Exoricsit: Kyoto Impure King Arc

Gah! Ended on another cliffhanger! The frustration is real! Finally it’s moved on into the story versus what felt like filler episodes since the season started.  Jyugo, Nico and Uno along with a few other inmates are on their way to find Hajime and Samon; while they understand what’s happening in Building 5. We also get Samon’s back story as to why he hates Hajime so much. He hesitated to capture an officer for killing an inmate because said officer was his brother. However, Hajime was able to step up and subdue the officer and effectively put him behind bars. Thus creating  I like that Hajime doesn’t take it personal but instead tells Samon he just needs to forget that Enki is his brother and realize that he’s an inmate and he committed a crime; therefore you have to put your personal feelings aside and just apprehend the guy.

*Masamune-kun no Revenge
*Super Lovers 2

Fall 2016 Continuations

*March Comes in like a Lion
*All Out!!

*Authors note: Didn’t get to watch these this week; but will eventually catch up!*

7 thoughts on “Winter 2017: Week 4 Re-cap….but not really…..

  1. I am rolling about the Daimidaler “review” LOLOL That show is like a trainwreck… you know it’s horrible, but you just can’t look away. It’s a beautiful disaster… XD

    And I thank you and Jill every day for introducing me to such a… hilarious anime!

    So, this might just be me, but when they said dick tails the first time, I swear the Duck Tails theme started playing in my head LOL “Dick Tails, WOOOO~ OOO~”

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I KNOW!! Which is why I was so hesitant to hit publish last night!!!! LMAO seriously didn’t wanna post it but my god I just HAD to write about it..hahha…probably one of my funniest posts byfar for sure…didn’t even know I could write in a comedy format! 😀 so thanks for that! I’m glad you enjoyed it and I hope you don’t watch it-but don’t blame me if u want to bleach your ears after listening to them talk! LMAO 😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

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