Let the Countdown for the Next Weekend Begin…

Good evening everyone!! I’m back with another song to get you hyped for the upcoming week! This week I’m going with Mob Psycho’s OP. I need the little pick me up after this past week. My work week bleeded into my weekend. I literally stopped working on work related things about 30 minutes ago. *sigh* Mob Psycho, was my favorite anime of 2016. I thought it had a great story, and unique art style that had it stand out from the rest. It dawned on me that i’d never really shared this OP.

I’m literally counting down the days, minutes and seconds till the weekend. My work deadline is Thursday/Friday and I can relax, but not really. I just remembered I have a few things planned this coming weekend! D’oh!

Fair warning to my readers this week: this week’s content may be a bit weak compared to others since I’m bogged down with “adulting” this week!

How was everyone’s weekend? Did you all do anything interesting? Fun? Or did any of you catch the Super Bowl? I’d love to hear what you guys were up to in the comments below!

Title: “99″ | Artist: Mob Choir | Show: Mob Psycho 100

5 thoughts on “Let the Countdown for the Next Weekend Begin…

    1. LOL lucky you!! I can’t wait for another relaxing weekend to shw up. *sigh* Thanks for commenting!! I’m glad you had a good weekend though! 😀 I need to catch up with reading peoples blogs.

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  1. I’m counting towards the weekend, too. Then again, I also have to drive up to Irvine to settle some taxes and stuff. I guess I’m actually looking forward to next weekend when I don’t have to worry about that stuff.

    I hope the week flies by for you! Work sounds really stressful.


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