“I’ll give up….I’ll never give up”

This weeks OP comes from Kuzu no Honkai (Scum’s Wish). The title of this weeks post is the English translation of one of the lines in the chorus of the song. I find this song catchy and after reading the translated english lyrics, the more of a fan I’ve become!

Title: “Uso no Hibana (嘘の火花)” | Artist: 96neko | Show: Kuzu no Honkai

When I looked up the name of the song on MyAnimeList, I was shocked by some of the negative reviews this show has gotten considering it’s still trying to establish character’s and complex relationships, I don’t think it’s fair that they’re judging it solely based on 1 or 2 episodes. But heck who am I to complain honestly, to each their own, and for all I know they could just be a bunch of internet trolls that are just unhappy with everything..maybe elitest types? Anyways, that was just an obvservation.

Moving on, this past week has been pretty good. It was payday, and I promised myself (since my raise kicked in) that I would finally get my PSVita, and I did. I’ve been GameStop hopping since I bought it looking for interesting games. So far I’ve picked up:

  •  Persona 4 Golden: Now, I’ve heard tons of great things about this particular game, so I decided to pick it up. At this particular GameStop, I found myself face-to-face with a Nanbaka character. He had pink/orange hair, and red nail polish. Now I’m trying to remember if I saw him wearing stripes…


  • Child of Light: I liked the art style and it looked to have good ratings so I think I’m going to give it a try
  • MuramasaThe guy at gamestop told me the art style was an awesome effect of 2D hand drawn graphics and interesting gameplay – kind of sold me on art style so I decided to pick it up.
  • Corpse Party:  Now, this is of the horror genre, and I’m not much of a horror fan….but I was interested in it.. so we’ll see how that goes…?

I had gone to the closest GameStop by my house in hopes to find the two otome games I had seen there the last time I had been browsing a couple of weeks ago (Code:Realize & Norn9) but alas to my disappointment they were not there. *sigh* Now I’m on the precipice of having to decide if I want to go digital with some of the games and invest in another memory card.

I also celebrated my niece’s first birthday! She’s the daughter of my BFF’s from high school. I had offered her help a few weeks ago, and she was ecstatic since I appeared to be the only one to offer.  But I had fun, she put me in charge of decorating the space. She gave me her vision and he ideas, and I just ran with it while she did other things.  It was a success, and a great time to catch up with my HS group, since I missed out on the last get together with them. Ah! I can’t believe I’m at that age where having kids is a thing. I’m not ready to be a full-on adult yet! I’m forever a kid at heart! Also, I was putting together an awesome birthday gift for the little girl: “Baby’s First Library”. I bought a bunch of books, a blanket and a Mickey Mouse dressed in his wizard robes to put into a basket. Unfortunately, amazon prime failed in delivering my books on time…*sigh* So I’ll have to wait a bit to finalize it-maybe I’ll post a photo of it when I’m done.

Now I’ve started to write all my posts for the week and hope to schedule all of them before th end of the weekend. Yay productivity!! Anyways, I had quite the busy week it seems, how was everyone’s week? What are your plans for this coming week?

3 thoughts on ““I’ll give up….I’ll never give up”

  1. a) PLEASE tell me if you find enough Amnesia/Hakuouki level English otome for me to justify the purchase of a vita (because that’s the only thing I’ll use the system for).

    b) I KNOW. PEOPLE ARE HAVING KIDS. WHAT IS THIS?? It is so strange that we’re already adult-y adults. Like, no, excuse you, I’m just learning to handle my own life, no way can I handle that of a tiny human. Anyway, I’m glad you had fun! 😀 Baby’s first library sounds like an awesome idea!

    c) Productivity is hard. My week is a lot of job-related activities, homework, and stress. I am, however, planning to stick to blogging more even if I am busy, which is fun. (´。• ᵕ •。`)

    d) I maintain that anime music is some of the most beautiful music and even though I haven’t looked up the English translation of these lyrics yet, I loved the sound of the OP. I also love hidden-in-plain-sight titles. ♪ヽ(^^ヽ)♪

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    1. hi hi hi!! okay so.i’ll respond back the same way you wrote:
      a) I’ve heard a lot of Otome is being localized this year so I’m looking forward to it. Hakuoki has a new release coming this year on the Vita, and you can get Amnesia on the PSN store! 😀 And yes, I’m solely using my Vita for VN’s and Otome. I bought a used VITA – the one downside I’ve heard from people is the memory card – it can get expensive!
      b) omg, yes kids. I’m not ready. I’m not even in a relationship to begin with. I’m more focused on my career and this year I think I’ll have to jump back into the dating pool again. I took a year and a half off from it…ugh.
      c) productivity IS hard! I spent so much time on my MCM post that all the other ones I planned to write fell on the wayside. So I’ll have to get back to that tonight. I work full-time and I’m a bit of a workaholic, and my commute is 1 hour each way. This week is gonna be busy, but bloggins is so much fun I don’t think I ever want to give it up!
      d) I agree with you. I always find great songs thru anime, and then I look up translations for the songs and am sooo blown away by the lyrics! I love when the songs really do encapsulate the song…*sigh* 😀

      Thanks for commenting! 😀


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