Take Two of the Week of Jan. 8-14

I’m introducing another new weekly post: Take Two! Tuesday It’s basically a recap post of what I’ve talked about and also a round-up of interesting posts I’ve read over the week!  It’s a cheesy title, but hey it works! It is a take two round-up!

Last week I kicked off the new year with a few new posts and a few new categories:

  • New Year, New Music & a First Impression (Mon. 1/9) a continuation post from last year that features music from anime to kick off every week.
  • First Anime Crush (Mon. 1/9)-  First I took a trip down memory lane and kicked of the first Man Crush Monday with the oldest anime crush I’ve had: Tuxedo Mask.
  • The Disease of the Ideal: Utena Tenjou (Weds 1/11) – Women Crush Wednesday is a somewhat in-depth look at female characters that made an impression on me. These ladies’ are crushing the anime game so to speak.  I kicked off with Utena Tenjou, who I actually studied and learned about in a Japanese Pop Culture class (obscure I know) at UC Santa Cruz – in which we looked at the social context and the anime/manga that came out during that time.
  • Blue Exorcist: True Cross Academy (Fri. 1/13) – Another new topic for the blog that looks at “fantastical” architecture in anime and some sort of brief analysis, contextual references and other general insights and analysis that come to mind when I see it, hereby labeled “Fantasy Friday”

New content is still being added as things come up. I’m surprised at how organized I’ve been about topics and scheduling since the new year started.  It helps when the community supports you and encourages you – I’ve been more motivated than ever with my blog over the last month or so. So thank you to all the followers, readers and friends that I’ve made, you’ve helped me propel this blog forward!

Below are posts that I’ve found to be great this past week and encourage you guys to read these great posts!

  • At AllHailHaruhi’s site she discusses art and context: Defining Art and our Approach to Criticism. The Architect in me was glued to this article because I could relate to it so much. Contextual relationships lead to individual interpretations – something that I learned constantly in my 5 years of arch. school.
  • After watching the first episode of Kuzu no Honkai (Scum’s Wish), I was on the hype train because I thought it had a fantastic first episode. The following posts also had similar reactions to me:
    • Scum’s Wish – Episode 1 – WeekendOtaku and his wife KimmieKawaii are doing a watch party in which they’ve picked shows to watch and review together.
    • lethargicramblings also has a great post concerning Scum’s Wish, and is actually one of the first people I noticed was looking forward to it this season.
  • I recently joined up with the OWLs group as a member recently, and they’re on their first round of blog tours. Last week at fujinsei Arria discussed morality in Mobile Suit Gundam 00.
  • Over at Nice Job Breaking it, Hero, the discovery of the newest fangirl anthem “anime boyz” was presented in Naja’s Fangirl Friday post.
  • Looking for fanfic? Jill’s been writing some fantastic Haikyuu omegaverse fanfic called Bitten. (FYI, it’s a bit NSFW)
  • Last but not least Mel, over in in melinanimeland had a friday feature counting down her Top 10 Favorite Sport Anime Teams. Shocking that Aomine’s team was not number 1!

That just about does it for this week’s recap!

12 thoughts on “Take Two of the Week of Jan. 8-14

  1. Take Two! Tuesday is a great name. Don’t change a thing. It’s a good feature too since I missed a couple of these recent posts.

    Also thank you so much for the shout out. Let’s all chug along on this hype train, it’s going places.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’ve been doing great bb, and agreed that scheduling + support make blogging so much easier, fun and such a good experience 😻😻💖
    Great posts from you, and also the ones you picked ohoho
    I’m not watching Scum’s Wish, probably will after it ends because it’s been standing out as one of this season’s anime to keep an eye out for ohoho 👌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thanks bb!! 😀 I’m posting my thoughts on Scum’s Wish later tonight. You should def watch it. I think all of us ‘sinners’ as you like to say would enjoy this one!!!


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