The MVP of Support: Suwa Hiroto

I really wanted to use Jean Kirstein, but I’ve already talked about him in a previous post for: Favorite Supporting Male.  I didn’t want to repeat myself, so I’m just going to give Jean a shoutout instead and talk about my other favorite supporting male.  (P.S. Sorry Mel, you were half right on this one)



I’ve mentioned it before in my 2016 Anime Awards, but Suwa Hiroto from Orange is “da real MVP”. Don’t get me wrong, Orange was a great anime, but Suwa was the standout character for me. I watched weekly really looking forward to seeing his character the most because I mean….(ahhh gosh the fangirl in me is definitely struggling against wanting to gush about him like I did Tuxedo Mask)..Suwa was just overall the epitome of what you could call The Boy Next Door.

Suwa encompassed a lot of great characteristics. He’s a kind, happy go-lucky type thats a leader, a great friend and a great wingman. Also, can’t forget, since this is man crush monday, Suwa is really handsome – designers did good with this guy too. Bu the most important trait of Suwa is that he’s selfless. But in order to talk about his selflessness, I’ll have to talk about the entire series, so fair warning: Spoilers Ahead!

In the story all of the characters get letters from their future selves. Suwa’s letter lets his younger self know that he gets the girl of his dreams at the end and that they have a child together, but questions at what cost did it take to get that life. His future self, already knowing himself and the type of person he is, knew that his past self would most likely reconsider the options, and choose the right path which would save his friend and make him happy, even if it meant sacrificing his own dream and his own feelings. As long as everyone is happy , I’m happy, that’s the type of person Suwa is.

orange - 11 - Large 12.jpg

It was heartbreaking for me to see Suwa look at his future, and still be able to sacrifice it for the sake of both Kakeru and Naho. Albeit Suwa changing the course doesn’t necessarily change the outcome from which the letter came, but rather creates an alternate reality means that he’s accepted that although his current route doesn’t result in his happy ending, there is a future where that does exist.

I watched this show rooting for him, both angry at the choices he made, and angry at Naho for half the things she said. I personally questioned what made her do all these things; I know Kakeru was someone she loved, but her eagerness to save him in those letters not just reflected her regret in shying away from Kakeru and her feelings, but it also reflected regret of her future choices. To me it was like she was regretting ending up where she was: happily married and with a really cute kid. I felt sorry for Suwa, that such a great guy had ended up with someone as selfish as Naho. But this is my personal interpretation of Naho; needless to say I was not her fan the entire series; I rather disliked her very much.

Honestly, I have to get this off my chest as a HUGE tangent. I have a few issues with the show overall. I know, I know; they want to save Kakeru as a group, and they all express the regret they feel with his loss year after year in the future. But my main gripe about it was, they didn’t have to involve the innocent child in the future. I’m probably getting too deep into this but…to me it’s like okay they moved on, they got married had a kid, but they want to correct the past and effectively wipe the existence of this child off the map. I also get that there’s essentially an alternate universe but when you look at it: it’s a life for a life; and then it becomes whose life is really more important: Kakeru or the baby? And that just bugs me so so much about this show.

I fail compeltely at MCM today! I didn’t fangirl as much as I thought I would!

Suwa, the MVP of support characters. Willing to sacrifice it all in the name of friendship and love. Not many characters are willing to go through such lengths for other people’s happiness, and for that I applaud you as one of the best support character’s I’ve had the joy of watching.


Thoughts on Suwa or the Orange series? I’d love to hear what other’s thought of this anime and this character in the comments below!

21 thoughts on “The MVP of Support: Suwa Hiroto

  1. Alright so I really need to go sit in the corner after this, but I still have not seen Orange…

    But after reading this post, I kind of think I need to start it, so I can meet this wonderful character!! He seems like such a sweetheart!!! Thanks for sharing this awesome guy!😁

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    1. Suwa is indeed awesome! I literally laughed out loud in the office when I read “I really need to go sit in the corner”. I’m not sure how easy of a crier you are, but orange had me ugly crying in one of the last few episodes. If you still need to be swayed, there is a megane with a minor role >_< and he's hilariously awkward…almost like Rei in Free, but more monotone.

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      1. Sold! I’m sold! Say no more!😂😂😂

        Lol hmm if an anime is really good, I have been known to shed a few tears… so I’ll probably be right there with you, better stock up on tissues!

        Gurl, I’m always in the anime timeout corner! I’m terrible at keeping up with series! 😋

        But this was a great post and I can’t wait for next week’s MCM post!

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        1. Oh dear, I think next week’s is gonna be a dead giveaway. “sports crush”- we all know who my sports obsession is at the moment T-T..also its okay binge watching orange will probably bring on the tears for sure. LOL. I’m a bit of crybaby so…..the threshold for my tears during heartwarming moments is considerably below normal – I think. My co-worker teases me about my ability to cry even during happy endings of a movie. LOL


  2. Suwa didn’t get the girl but a lot of fangirls who have a crush on him, myself included. ^_^ I loved Orange, BTW. It has its flaws but in the end all that really matters to me is whether I enjoyed it or not. 🙂

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    1. LOL yes, he got all the fangirls! Clearly I’m one of them! :D.And I agree, it had it’s flaws, but it didn’t take away my enjoyment of the series overall. I just went off on a tangent/rant, I apologize if I came off as I didn’t like it. I did really like it and thought Kakeru’s dedicated episode was incredibly emotional! If the flaws affected my overall impression of this, I wouldn’t have dedicated this day to Suwa. ❤ Thanks for reading and commenting! 😀

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      1. No, you didn’t come off as like that. 🙂 I’m glad you also liked it because I mostly stumble upon negative reviews so it’s always good to find people who don’t think that badly of this series. 🙂

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  3. I haven’t seen “Orange” and to tell the truth not planning to see it😅 I heard a lot about the show and I know I will cry my life if I watch it. However I also heard a lot of good thing about Suwa. The number of post I saw on Tumblr saying it such a great guy, thus even if I haven’t watch it, I can say it a great choice. The GIF of him smiling warmth my heart.

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  4. Suwa is the best character in the show but I still don’t get his motive (or rather I get what his motive is I just don’t understand that kind of reasoning). Assuming that an alternate you in an alternate universe is happy so you can put up with not being happy is kind of strange.
    Still, the best moments of Orange definitely came about because of Suwa.

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  5. I loved Orange (by the way…running behind a bit on posts currently, so sorry for this late response). But totally agree, Suwa was a great character. He was one of those completely selfless persons, who tends to stand out and does not want anything in return. That said the entire Orange series was seriously amazing 😀😀

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    1. No need to apologize friend! Life gets the best of us! LOL, as long as you don’t drop off completely you’re never really behind! 😀

      Suwa is indeed one of the most completely selfless people. Talk about mentally strong/tough. I admire his tenacity in helping Naho and Kakeru out despite his own personal romantic feelings. T-T I wanted him to be happy the most.

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    1. That’s also another possibility! Maybe they could’ve ended up together after saving Kakeru anyways-still a 50/50 chance tho! Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂 opinions are more than welcome here

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  6. Tbh I was very much contemplating to watch this but seeing how much Suwa has to sacrifice in this timeline really pushes me away from watching because I can’t handle it when characters or even people willing to give up so much for someone else and never ever getting anything in return. Happened to a friend once, and for him at least, became the real life situation of “Nice guys finish last”

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    1. Aw, I’m sorry to hear you’re turning away from it because of that. Yes, I love Suwa because of the role he played, and it’s not an easy role to play. It does get frustrating to see someone give so much for the sake of someone else. Everyone needs to be a little bit selfish. Luckily Suwa got a good ending, but was it worth it knowing the girl was in love with someone else?

      I had a lot of issues with this show overall, that being one of them. But yeah, sometimes those character’s are too hopeless for you to continue rooting for them. Thanks for the comment and for dropping by! 😀


  7. I don’t really like plot with parallel worlds. It makes the characters so selfish and guilty.
    Only to free themself from the ghost of the past by saving their friend – who supposed and naturally destined to be dead (not even by their fault after alll!!!!), they – typically Naho and Suwa – would have killed all entities in other universe – their precious marriage, their beloved children, their grandchildren and many who supposed to be born, as well as a lot of supposed-to-naturally-happen beautiful events. Did they even mind to consider this awful consequence?


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