A Tiny Bit of Jazz..

I’m switching up my posts a little bit. I usually post OP/ED on Mondays at noon, but to spread out my posts, I’m making it a true OP/ED of the week by posting on Sundays versus the OP/ED of the work week on Mondays.

Moving on, this week’s song comes from: Acca: 13-ku kansatsu-ka. I’m a sucker for OPs with a strong brass opening. It’s got a bit of an old jazz feel to it, but is modern with it’s rap that switches into actually singing. It’s actually really reminiciscent of the current trends of hip hop these days.

Title: Shadow & Truth| Artist: One III Notes |Show: Acca: 13-ku kansatsu-ka

How was everyone’s weekends? I accomplished a lot, but am a bit behind on my posting schedule. I purged my closet and straightened up my room. I even got my blogging schedule down on a white board to keep me on track (as you may have seen on twitter).  The reason I needed to get my room straightened out is because I’ll be diving back into studying for my ARE (Architect Registration Examination) in full force. I made a commitment to my work that I would at least take 3 of the 7 exams this year. I mean the commitment is for my own personal growth-my firm is just being my accountability partner and reminding me that I need to get it done. I hope I pass them all! I’m starting to plan out my study schedule and other milestones. I’m a few more steps closer to my dream!

I wonder, what dreams did you guys have growing up? Did you have a dream job that you wanted to pursue? Did those interests change at some point? Ah, it sounds like I’m interrogating my readers, but don’t fret, I’m just curious about everyone! Have a great week everybody!  

4 thoughts on “A Tiny Bit of Jazz..

      1. The only other opening I took any note of (or at least enough to write down) was Chain Chronicle and that’s because I loved the fantasy imagery mixed with the pages turning in the book – no idea what the song sounds like because it was pretty generic and I was distracted by the visuals.

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  1. Nice song don’t intend to watch the series as of yet. I like tunes with a good beat in them. My dream was working with Animals and worked in the j industry now for 7 sevens. My goal for the future is a little unclear but would love it to be with animals still XD

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