A lot of the anime that I’ve written about in this challenge don’t exactly have the ideal environment.  You have a dystopian tokyo (psycho-pass), a western sci-fi wasteland (trigun), a world where mages are bent on killing one another (fate/stay night) and a world where frightening titans threaten your daily life (Attack on Titan). So where does that leave me?


I don’t think I’ve watched an anime where I was like oh my gosh I wish that was real! But I think I’m going to have to go with my staple of this challenge, Fairy Tail. I’m a sucker for fantasy, especially when it involves magic and dragons. I wouldn’t mind living int he city of Magnolia alongside the Fairy Tail Guild, as long as they’re not destroying any parts of the city. As far as the world goes, it would be neat to have some magical powers. I personally would enjoy the abilities that Erza has. Being able to change outfits in the blink of an eye or have objects materialize from your invisible storage. Or maybe even Gray’s Ice Make Magic or Natsu’s flames. However, I’d be afraid of Acnologia flying around threatening to destory everything.

And that’s all I can say about this prompt today! On to the last post! Till tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “30 DAY ANIME CHALLENGE | 29

  1. You are going to make it for sure: one more post to go. As for what world I wished would be real? Well I would like all gameworlds of Sword Art Online to be real (without the actual getting killed part 😂) Would be really quite awesome to be able to go online in a world like that for real 😀

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  2. Hello Fellow Otaku, I’m an otaku too. And being one I don’t think anyone of us would like Attack On Titans to be real, nor Psycho Pass.
    I haven’t watched Fairy Tail so I can’t say anything about it.
    Anyways nice article.

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