Haikyuu’s ‘Fly High’

It’s probably no surprise that this week’s OP/ED of the Week is going to be of Haikyuu. I just find this to be particularly fitting as we JUST finished Season 3! The Hype, The Feel’s! As Ron Burgundy would say, “I’m in a glass cage of emotion!”


I won’t say much about the season as I know not everyone’s exactly caught up. But all I can say is Season 3 was “the season of Tsukki”. The character development of this baby crow would make any fan proud! However, I cannot forget my absolute favorite – Kageyama. The focus wasn’t too much on him and Hinata this season; but it makes total sense. Season 1 and 2 showed immense improvement on both of their ends (mostly Kageyama for me). I’m looking forward to what’s going to be happening to Kageyama and his future development and also the dynamics that might occur between him and Hinata concerning his future. My inner fangirl is just incredibly proud and happy for all these baby crows! I think it’s time for me to start reading the manga!!

Anyways, this week’s song comes from the second half of Season 2. The last match of season 2 is also a match that I love to re-watch! This OP is one I actually listen to quite often when I want to get motivated because it’s a really uplifting song about pursuing your goals – basically the sky’s the limit. I absolutely love this song, not to mention that the OP animation is great! I’ve linked it before – but this guy’s analysis of this is outstanding: Mother’s Basement – What’s in an OP? Haikyuu

Title: Fly High| Artist: Burnout Syndromes | Show: Haikyu!!  -Season 2-

I’ll save my fangirling about Haikyuu for another post! Now that season 3 is done – I can go back to my re-watch blog series review and write more about them. I’m also planning on doing a Character Profile type blog series too. Just seriously need to plan out all these ideas. I know I keep saying it – but I swear it will come to fruition!

Hope you guys have a great start to your week and hope you found this song inspirational to get you started this Monday!

29 thoughts on “Haikyuu’s ‘Fly High’

  1. Great song to start the week with 😀 Yeah, planning, it is sometimes so difficult to that. I try to make plans every week, but I honestly don’t think I havevfollowed them through once yet (well, maybe once lol😂). Main thing is that you are having fun though, and look at that, nearly at one hundred followers: growing strong 😀 Have a great week as well !

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    1. Yes! One of my all time faves from the series! I have this running list of drafts! It’s obscene. I just need to sit down and power through and write this stuff out. I’m working on a post right now as I eat my lunch at my desk. Hopefully this will come out either tomorrow or weds. Depends. Sometimes I get too caught up in the research and the the analytical part that I feel like my posts aren’t good enough to share so I keep editing and editing and the butchering- and ending back at square one – which is why the 30 day anime challenge was a breath of fresh air – it just helps get content out there. Hopefully there are other challenges out there that can help with that.

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      1. I sometimes have the same problem as well. I am currently watching Alderamin on the Sky, and for the first time since I started writing reviews for Anime series, I don’t really have a clue on how to start on this one, much less finish it. Might have to do a bit with the show itself though. It started off very good, but now I am honestly struggling a bit to get through it and finish it (and finally start on Psycho Pass lol 😂). That said, your posts are really good. And in my opinion I don’t think there is a written rule to make a post every day. Just write what you can😀 Abd just to let you know again: you really have no need to worry about the quality of your posts: they are seriously good, and more and more people are discovering your blog every day: so don’t worry about any of that 😀

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        1. Aw geez seriously! Thanks for all the positivity. Sometimes you get stuck in ur mindset and become a little stubborn right? It’s always best to get someone to provide you with an outsiders look! And very true but it takes months for me to post sometimes! I just need to know when to just call it done and post and stop second guessing it!! Thank you again for such helpful reminders!! Uh oh sounds like aldermain started off really strong! Hopefully psycho-pass keeps your attention! 😂

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    1. I try to keep the fangirl squealing and gushing in check. BUT if I can’t do it here, then where else can I do it? This is the best platform for me to express such silly sides of myself! 😀 LOL.


      1. HAHAHA! Well, you own your blog so we have no right to tell you not to post what you post. Just curious, don’t you have Twitter? I know it’s microblogging, but I find it easier to release most of the feels there. 😀

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        1. Yas!! I just started using my twitter again!! But I feel bad fangirling there also cuz spoilers for ppl that haven’t seen it! Haha and yes I know-i realize that it’s my blog but sometimes I feel like I should be serious! But I’m such a kid at heart that I shouldn’t confine my blog like that’

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          1. Oh, yeah. I got spoiled there of the YOI episodes that I haven’t watched yet. ;A;
            Yep. You write what you want to express. I find blogs that carefully balance out the serious and fun stuff really enjoyable to read. 😀

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          2. That’s great advice! Thanks! I’ll be sure to add some silly fangirl posts! 😂😝 see! I didn’t wanna be one of THOSE people that spoil it! YOI was definitely spoiled for me last week!!

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          3. Oh, but your posts are enjoyable as they are, don’t worry. 😀 but but but if you’re on Tumblr, the risk to be spoiled is higher. lol
            YOI been getting more and more people jump on the bandwagon lately. >w<

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  2. I’m not going to comment on the song! LOL! But the way you repeatedly address the characters as ‘baby crows’ makes me want to join you while giving them a soft pat on the head for a job well done! “SEASON OF TSUKKI.” You made my day!

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          1. Yes! Especially Ushijima! He never seemed to look like he had to ever really felt rivalry with any teams because he was so strong. That is until Hinata showed up to turn his world upside down!

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  3. This song always gives me energy and motivation. ❤ And as far as Kageyama's character development is concerned, I highly recommend you to read the manga. 😀

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