Okay, so again I’m really torn about today’s prompt. I have a few in mind, especially after talking with melinanimeland about this. She brought up a character that I forgot was hilariously goofy from Kuroko No Basket. So then I was torn because there was another sports anime character I wanted to write about. But I think, I’m going to go with my original thought and not the KnB character. Just because, like mel is biased to KnB, I’m a bit biased to Haikyuu!


Tanaka Ryuunosuke, one of Karasuno’s wing spikers, is adorably hilarious with his crazy antics. Often described as loud mouthed,  hot headed, and a bit of a slacker when it comes to his studies, Tanaka is basically your every day punk/delinquent. Even though he’s hot headed, he plays volleyball seriously and once he gets in a groove he can be unstoppable. When he scores he’s usually shown taking off his shirt and swinging it around (see gif below) in an over-the-top celebration. Daichi Sawamura is always scolding him whenever Tanaka decides to make silly faces to intimidate opponents or anyone that looks down on his team and teammates. He has a huge crush on the club manager Shimizu Kiyoko and tries to greet her from time to time; but she usually ignores him. Even thought she does that – he’s often shown loving the fact he’s been ignored and that it’s a turn on for him. He’s a riot! Also it seems like his BFF is Nishinoya Yuu – and their bromance is adorable.  They both have crushes on Kiyoko and are often shown together in the series.

if you follow my twitter you will have seen this on a recent tweet. Also one of my fave gifs of him ever.

Tanaka may  appear to be a punk; but behind that facade is a very warm-hearted, supportive of his teammates and also surprisingly protective. He’s basically the older brother you wish you had; which is why he’s actually one of my favorite Haikyuu characters.

I’ll leave you with a bunch of gif’s to finish this post off.

Who stands out to you as a goofy character?



26 thoughts on “30 DAY ANIME CHALLENGE | 21

  1. I have not watched this show yet (but that’s pretty much because I don’t like sports, and get tired by just thinking of sports lol😂). That said this character looks very funny 😀 As for my favorite character it is the firebreathing, talking baby Ten from Urusei Yatsura (one of the craziest and most insane Anime shows that I have ever watched) It is an older show, dating back 30+ years, but it is really funny (and it has so many goofy characters that it is hard to pick a favorite 😀

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    1. I’ve actually watched a bit of that show! LOL. Tanaka is indeed used for comic relief and is definitely silly. he may intimidate others on the court but he can definitely back up the bravado! 😀

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    1. LOL writing this blog post actually made me think of your Tanaka-kun, because I was thinking the same thing – they’re both tanakas and both great characters!

      Tanaka is really great – he’s definitely one of the reasons why this show grew on me so much.

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  2. Tanaka is fantastic! I’m on episode 11 of season 2 and Tanaka is hands down one of my favorite characters in that show. Him and Nishinoya are friend goals and the way he tries to intimidate their opposing team is the greatest!

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  3. “What the hell are you talking about, I’m not that biased”, say the totally biased girl. Thanks for the mention I couldn’t stop laughing at the bus stop, people gave me a weird look 😂
    Tanaka is still a great choice, he need more to be more under the spotlight.

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  4. The mental strength MVP! You’re right! Tanaka is really the older brother in Haikyuu. He cares for the first years like real brothers and is super supportive towards them!

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