Hmmm…..Hmmm… I think I’m going to have to go back to Fairy Tail  and pick Happy for this one.


Happy is a blue cat , I mean “exceed”, with a white stomach that carries around a green backpack which is often filled with food or other random items. He’s often seen with Natsu and is both his sidekick and BFF. Happy is the epitome of his name.  He may be useless in battle, but he’s lovable, loyal, cute and always there to cheer you up with a smile and his catchphrase, “Aye!”

Aside from that Happy has wings! I’d love to have cat I could have casual conversations with and run amok with and he can get me out of a jam by flying us out whenever anything gets to hairy. But don’t call him a “mode of transportation”, that would only offend Natsu. Natsu, like the other dragon slayers, has a severe case of motion sickness. However, he was called out by Lucy when it was apparent that Natsu doesn’t get sick when Happy carries him around much like a mode of transportation. Natsu can’t believe Lucy would acknowledge Happy as a “mode of transportation” because Happy is his dearest friend.


One of my favorite scenes of Happy is when Natsu and the guild hatch Happy from an egg. Natsu thought he was taking care of a dragon’s egg; but much to his surprise was given a cat. This episode also gives more background story to Natsu – which is never a bad thing.

That’s who I would pick for my animal sidekick. Who’s your favorite?


8 thoughts on “30 DAY ANIME CHALLENGE | 15

    1. LOL Fairy Tail isn’t a mind-blowing anime or anything. I think it’s a fun one to tune into. I got attached to a lot of the characters; especially Natsu. The overall story is interesting – and I’ve spoiled a lot of it by researching it. So now I won’t be shocked. But its a good entertaining one about magic! I’m all for fantasy and action! Also, there are 3 cutie winged cats in this magic guild! Happy is the cutest. 🙂


  1. Well, having not yet seen this Anime it probably it won’t be much of a surprise that I don’t know this character. This sidekick looks seriously funny though. I have been wracking my brain as to who my favorite sidekick is: and than it hit me: The Tachikoma Walker/Roller robot from Ghost in the Shell:Stand Alone Complex. It is is just a very funny character besides being though when it counts 😀

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