An anime that never gets old….hmm…


I’m going to have to go with Psycho-Pass. Everytime I watch this show; I always find a new element that’s intriguing.  I actually have a few posts planned regarding this anime in terms of thematic elements and architectural analysis. They’re just a few observations I’ve made that were a bit mind-blowing. I think this show does well in using architecture as it’s environment.  But I’ll follow that up with another post.


One of the reasons why I enjoy this anime is simply because of the dynamic’s of the different characters on this show. Just to name a few: Shinya Kogami, a bad ass detective turned Enforcer. While Vash the Stampede is my favorite because he’s silly and badass; Shinya is my favorite for being an intellectual badass. Tsunemori Akane also has great character development from the very first day on the job in episode 1 to where she ends up in episode 22. Ginoza Nobuchika – it was really interesting to watch his character go down the path he did.  I also really liked Kagari Shuusei because of his somewhat happy go lucky attitude despite where he was at in life. But…*sigh* well, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone – you’ll just have to watch it. He probably had the worst ending – which really shocked me but still…ugh.. (Poor Kagari!)  I probably don’t have to mention Makashima Shougo; as I wrote about him in a post claiming him as my favorite villian.

I’ll keep this short. If i keep going on about this it’ll bleed into the other ideas and thoughts I have planned for another post!

Till next time! Whats an anime you never get tired of?

20 thoughts on “30 DAY ANIME CHALLENGE | 14 

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Psycho-pass is definitely worth a try! It was a bit tough to stomach some of the violence in this cuz it gets pretty dark; but it ended up being one of my faves despite it. 🙂 I hope you enjoy it too!

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    1. Ooo he has a light novel?!?! Yes! He should totally have a spinoff! I wanna know how he got flagged at such a young age? Maybe it had something to do with his environment like Makashima? 🤔🤔

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      1. The title is “Chaser Shusei Kagari” it talk about his day during his time at the rehabilitation center.
        For some reason I think it probably cause of wrong circumstances. I mean maybe he had been bullied right before he passed the scan and he was frustrated about it.

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  1. Another coincendence : yesterday I started watching the first episode of this show, but then I remembered I was still in the middle of another show, so turned it off again (too much anime…..aargh) But this is definitely the next show I will start watching. Even though I have only seen 10 minutes of it so far I loved it: great atmosphere and vibe.
    Hmm…Anime I never get tired of: I think I will have to go with three shows (sorry can’t decide 😂) Macross (the original series), Another and Sword Art Online. Probably I am forgetting a few, but these are the ones that spring to mind the most 😀

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    1. lol sword art online is another one I can have running on in the background while I multitask! Oh yay! You started it! But you will definitely need to concentrate on it. Haha sometimes makashima gets a little too deep and I get lost! You should also def. try Your Lie in April too! In terms of atmosphere and vibe it’s the total opposite with bright colors. I personally think Your Lie is a masterpiece!

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      1. I’m currently in the middle of Bokurano (16 Episodes to go) and Alderamin on the Sky. After those are completed my next stop will be Psycho Pass (really can’t wait for it, liked what I saw). Your lie in April I have heard a lot about as well, and it is already on my list : thanks for the recommendation 😀

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          1. Bokurano I read about in a post from Karandi (100WordAnime). It is definitely good, and honestly pretty dark. It has a bit of a neon Genesis Evangelion type feel to it (even the storyline feels a bit the same) but it is definitely good so far 😀 As for Alderamin on the Sky, can’t judge on that one yet,mhave only seem one episode so far. It is really bright, and a bit of a fantasy type style, but I can’t say much about it yet. It has not yet got that that WOW feel for me, but I always give a show a chance to grow 😀

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  2. I’m not sure about this one never getting old, but I would definitely watch it more than once if only to get a better grasp on Makashima’s philosophy.

    I’m super interested to see what you have to say about the city’s architecture, so I hope you do make another post about it. They put so much work into designing everything, so I’d like to see some analysis from someone who knows what they’re talking about 😉

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    1. Yes! I’ve been trying to plan/write that post for months! LOL I keep adding here and there. Hopefully I can just sit down and knock it out soon!

      Also, I totally get what you’re saying about re-watching it to get a better understanding of Makashima’s philosophy – he’s really fascinating as a character! Whenever I’m working on something on my computer I like to have background noise so I have a few anime’s I like to have on in the background. Psycho-pass, AoT, Ouran, and Haikyuu are my usual go to’s.

      The hope is to do more arch. analysis – but it takes some time and research; that’s the only thing that hinders me from doing those kind of posts so often.

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  3. Aah, I still haven’t seen this one :’D
    I love watching Daiya no Ace, also Escaflowne 😻😻😻
    Sports anime are so good to see and rewatch!


  4. Oh em geee, I feel terrible for saying this, but I haven’t actually seen this anime yet! It has been on my must watch list for ages, I just never got around to it… but reading all the posts about it on WP kind of makes me want to bump it up on the list!

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