30 Day Anime Challenge | 10

Favorite Fighter Anime. I struggled with this one because I don’t think I’ve watched a lot of “fighter” types.  So I had to do a bit of research. What was the difference between an action anime versus a fighter anime? Is it the amount of battles that occur? Anyways, after looking some stuff up and looking through my completed list. I had a total “DUH!” moment, and so I’m going with One Punch Man. I seriously considered this more action than fighter but anyways.

I love One Punch Man.  Even though it’s fairly new, a really close friend of mine suggested it to me as something to watch. This was right around the time I really jumped back into watching anime again.  I love One Punch for everything that makes it: fantastic artwork, action-packed sequences, great characters and most of all that it’s a parody on the whole shonen genre. It’s a great balance between action and comedy. Although some of the humor can be a bit crude – I can’t help but laugh really hard at that kind of humor. I tried recommending it to a friend but he thought it was too weird. I basically said oh, well – it’s your loss it’s a great anime.

I actually use the following two images to create memes to send to my cousin just to annoy her on a daily basis:

Saitama’s vastly different facial expressions and non-chalant attitude towards everything is priceless. I’m pretty sure its due to boredom in not finding a worthwhile opponent but it’s just funny watching him live his daily life with his apprentice Genos.  The following is my favorite scene of the series just because it showcases Saitama’s ability almost in full  but in a split second shows how damn silly he is, and I love Genos’ reaction just because well Genos could’ve died. It also showcases the incredible action sequences that made this my absolute favorite – in particular Genos’ entire sequence:

Another fascinating thing I love about One Punch Man; is the manga panels. Some people have actually pieced them together – and they are phenomenal. I think this is taken from the same fight as above:

The following gif and youtube video is of Saitama vs. Sonic. I just wanted to compare and contrast how the panels are actually much more dynamic than the animated-scene. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing – since all of one punch is really animated well. I just wanted to show that the manga itself was dynamic as it was in creating depth for a 2D medium.


This is also one of my favorite scenes because of how embarassing it is for Sonic. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this and still bust out laughing till my sides hurt. I would highly recommend One Punch Man to anyone!

What are your guys’ favorites for this topic? I’m also looking for suggestions since my fighter genre is lacking.

7 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge | 10

  1. I missed this post somehow, sorry about that 😅 As for your question, I can’t help you out with this one. My fighter anime is also pretty much lacking. I have watched a bit of Dragonball Z, which you could call fighter Anime, and another one that pretty much falls in this genre would be Naruto. I have watched to little of both shows to actually recommend something. I can help you out with your next post though 😀

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  2. Lol if I had a dollar for everytime someone suggested One Punch Man to me, I’d have about 10 bucks lmao!! My bf has been on me for ages to watch this show!!!

    Let’s see, my pick for best fighter series will always be Ashita no Joe!!! It’s frickin amazing!!!

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      1. YES YOU MUST!! It’s like the inspiration for all of the current fighting anime series!! Plus Joe is so relatable and his journey is fantastic! He grows so much over the course of the series! I’m not normally in to fighter series, but Ashita no Joe is one of my absolute favorite anime series of all time!! I wrote a whole post about it when I did the challenge back in July!!

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