This post will most likely be really short as I’ve yet to watch this anime.  It’s been on my list for sometime because I’ve seen a lot of positive things about it and a lot of people reference it.  I also think there’s a visual novel of this game? Even more so for me to take interest in this anime!


The synopsis on MyAnimeList makes the episode seem promising as it deals with scientific theory and time travel. I like that the show takes place in Akihabara. That could serve as some material for an upcoming ANI-Reality post!!

Till next time! ^_^: (this was incredibly short!!)

Have any of you guys’ seen it? Any thoughts/comments?

9 thoughts on “30 DAY ANIME CHALLENGE | 06

  1. Steins;Gate is awesome (a little weird and takes awhile to get going but awesome). I would suggest the dub over the subs though because the dialogue is off the charts fast so unless you speak really good Japanese it’s actually hard to follow in places with subs (there are very few anime where I recommend dub over subs).

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  2. Okay that is really a coincidence. I just got this show on dvd two weeks ago, because of some very positive reviews on it, and I really have interest in the storyline (anything with timetravelling involved is always something I enjoy watching). I have two other shows lined up now though: first up is Kabaneri of the Iron Forest, and than probably D Gray Man, but it might also be this one after finishing Kabaneri, as I am very curious about it 😀

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