OP/ED of the Week

This one is kind of funny because I didn’t really enjoy this OP when I first heard it, but it’s definitely grown on me the past week after getting caught up on the last few episodes. I mean it grew on me without me even realizing it! To the point I found myself consistently humming it in the mornings as I get ready for work or as I’m walking into the office. haha, I guess it’s a good inspirational song! Hopefully, this inspires you for the week as well!

What other songs inspire you?

Title: History Maker  | Artist: Dean Fujioka  |  Show: Yuri!! On Ice

14 thoughts on “OP/ED of the Week

  1. Totally agree!! I didnt really like the sketchy sequences at first but now i love how well it works with these colorful sploshes and the music, beeing in english, comes off as really elegant. Such a nice opening!!!

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    1. Same thoughts as well! The sketchiness and watercolors grew on me as well! It’s actually quite artistic and expressive, just like the three characters skate throughout the show. Viktor is the most expressive to me when he skates and his movements in general are quite elegant! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 😉

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  2. Oh, I loved this from when I first heard it! I also loved the opening sequence with it. Even better is that I just discovered that it’s sang by Dean Fujioka, who I first knew as an actor and am following the drama series.

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  3. Same! Haha…I didn’t pay much attention to this OP during the first episode coz I thought it sounded boring. And now I have it on my playlist. As to my daily ritual, I almost always play Norther Lights (Shaman King 2nd OP) every morning! It rocks!

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  4. Every where I look on blogs these days, somewhere or somehow Yuri on Ice seems to pop up in some way or other. I still haven’t seen this one myself, but I keep hearing great things about it. It’s not a show I usually would consider watching, but with all the buzz surrounding it, I might give episode 1 a try sometime. The song is amazing by the way 😀

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    1. lol it’s worth a shot. Some people will enjoy it and some will not. I was hanging with a good friend yesterday and he had to drop this show -just wasn’t for him. He felt it was too much like the anime free! Another guy friend likes it because he likes the character development of yuri-and actually uses this song to work out. While I agree with that, I’m more drawn to the show because of victor- I can’t explain why really – I just find him to be a really beautiful character

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