OP/ED of the Week

(Author’s Note: For an easy weekly type of post, I’d like to share my favorite OPs/EDs from various anime. Will most likely post these Monday to get me hyped and set the tone for the work week.  I hope you guys enjoy it)


Title: Great Escape | Artist: Cinema Staff | Show: Attack on Titan

Happy Halloween!! In the spirit of what I dressed up as over the weekend, Attack On Titan’s Sasha Braus (Scouting Legion uniform, I decided to go with Great Escape. It’s chorus is pretty catchy and it’s song that I listen to at work when I’m starting to feel that 2PM slow down.

What are you guys dressed up as for Halloween this year?


2 thoughts on “OP/ED of the Week

    • heyitszel says:

      Oh I know right?? I’m in the same boat. I’m all for Guren no Yumiya, but I find Great Escape more loopable throughout the day! the beginning of this song is spectacular-it’s almost like Berserks OP (which I also plan to feature at some point!) Thanks for commenting!

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