ANI-Reality: Sweetness & Lightning

To change up the pace; I thought, it’d be nice to do a series on real buildings that are found in anime (Animated Reality = ANI-Reality). Sometimes I’ll be watching something and I’ll be like “Hey! That building looks familiar!”…This series of posts will look at real life buildings depicted in anime – this also serves as an exercise of my research ability. LOL. So, here’s one of those times that has happened.

In the opening of Sweetness & Lightning we see this building:



This building is actually called Musashino Place Library, located in Musashino City, Tokyo, Japan and designed by  KW+HG Architects.


The building has an emphasis on rounded corners on its exterior, and that sentiment is carried out throughout the interior as well. Voids are punched through each floor level creating an open atrium space  that allows light in. The interior boasts an open floor plan that allows for plenty of social interaction and maneuverability from space to space.Although it may look like a 4-story building, there are 3 more sub-level’s.  Each level has a different usage. From top to bottom:

  • 4th Floor: Larger conference rooms & an outdoor terrace.
  • 3rd Floor: Small Rooms for study sessions.
  • 2nd Floor: Children/Young Adult section & seating area around large windows
  • 1st Floor: Building Entrance/Lobby, Café, some tables scattered about
  • Basement 1: Simple space of Books
  • Basement 2: Rentable recording spaces
  • Basement 3: Parking Structure

Technically, it’s primary usage is a library. But this place is actually quite more than that. It carries out a civic responsibility as a meeting place for all ages to get together, study or hang out and create all kinds of social interactions.


If you’re ever Tokyo, Japan and you’d like to check out the building, take the Chuo Line towards the Musashi Sakai station. Hopefully you’ll run into Tsumugi-chan when you’re visiting!  Here’s the map location of where you can find it. It’s literally across the street from the station:

I actually got a chance to go to this building when I lived in Tokyo for a study abroad program through my Architecture School; it’s actually quite nice. The Architecture in Japan is awe-inspiring and without a doubt sleek and incredibly beautiful! I highly encourage anyone to visit Japan. I loved it there so much; I’m bound to keep visiting Japan throughout my lifetime. In fact I’m in the process of planning my next trip – hopefully next spring.

Till next time! 🙂

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