a re-introduction


lol and this blog will probably help me with my photoshopping skills 

This blog is always undergoing changes as I keep trying to find something of focus; although the underlying theme of my blog has always been Architecture. The first phase was to chronicle my time at SCI-Arc – most specifically when I was studying abroad in Japan and going through my last year of school in thesis mode.  The second phase was when I wanted to write about Architecture and Feminism — which was right after I graduated and starting working in the architectural field.  But I barely wrote anything if nothing at all and left my blog untouched for a really long time.  

It was a random run-in with a high school classmate that got me into the idea of blogging again. I had gone to my first anime convention in Oakland called Kraken-con. As I was leaving I saw a familiar face and decided to stop and say hello; I thought it was pretty cool running into someone I knew. We caught up a little bit and he told me he was there taking photos of cosplayer’s for his blog. When he said “blog” I was intrigued and proceeded to ask him questions about it.  Our conversation ended with me saying something along the lines of “I’d love to be apart of that!” I didn’t think he would take my offer seriously, but a few days later I got a message from him asking what my focus would be if I were to contribute.  I had asked what he wrote about and he said his topics ranged from anime, conventions, and gaming.  I told him I would probably stay within the anime category since I was new to the con-scene and I’m a light gamer; then I was officially added as an author.  I’ve only had a few posts published so far; but it got me to thinking: why can’t I write as easily for my own blog?

I guess I was intimidated by own blog for awhile.  The topics I kept choosing were just so overwhelming; I didn’t know where to even begin. I started thinking maybe I should switch it up again to something that comes more easily to write about; so why can’t I relate the two things that I really love and enjoy the most: Anime and Architecture.

Which brings me to the structure of this blog. And hopefully it’ll stick this time! There is a split in my obsession with Architecture and Anime.  So this blog will try to marry both these loves of mine.  Some days I’ll write about Architecture, and some days I’ll just write about Anime. And some days it’ll be a combination of both.  Lately I’ve been looking at the environment, the urban setting, and the buildings these characters occupy in anime and I’ll find something architecturally fascinating about it that compels me to research about it and write about it.  I’ve always been inspired by architecture’s ability to evoke emotions and it’s ability to inspire innovation. Anime is a great medium in which I can exercise my critical thinking as I feel like that’s what I miss the most about being at SCI-arc (and school in general).

Thus Archi-Anime is born.

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