This past weekend, I came down the the flu. It’s been going around school and it finally caught me, probably because the people I hang out with the most were sick the week before. I knew I was bound to get it.

Due to my sickness, I missed a pin-up presentation on Friday, to show the progress of my Thesis. I was really stressed out by the fact I was missing this checkpoint, but everyone said it wouldn’t have been worth it for me to push myself, because I’d only make myself worse. We were also supposed to have a presentation with Thom Mayne (principal of Morphosis), I’d say he’s kind of a big deal to have reviewing our work. So I was stressed out about that too since I could barely think much less make any progress on my project. I’ve also been really stuck on what I should be doing, so I really needed the feedback from Friday’s pin-up that I missed.

Luckily, yesterday (Sunday), we all received an e-mail saying Mayne wouldn’t be able to make it, and we were rescheduled to do the pin-up for this coming Friday. So luckily, I was able to make a full recovery to come back to school today. I had heard rumors that Florencia, my thesis advisor, was not going to make it today since she’s flying out to New York for the MOMA PS1 Young Architects Program Annual competition. Luckily she came in, made a brief announcement saying she wouldn’t really be able to talk to anyone today since she has to fly out to NYC, but since she knew I was gone Friday she sat down with me for about 10 minutes to give me some direction on where I should go next.  She comes back Thursday for another desk crit, so hopefully I will be able to have what she suggested done by then.

Classmates told me I didn’t miss much from Friday. My advisor sees it more as an “in progress” kind of pin-up, whereas other advisor’s groups have to have full blown presentations every Friday.  I’m glad I ended up with my advisor over the other 3. She seems the most reasonable over the others.

Progress on my thesis is slow, but steady I suppose. I’ll probably post pictures of my thesis within the next couple of days, she wants me to document some of the work that I’ve done so far as a way to catalog the different types of things I’ve found.

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