Final Day of the Kyoto Trip


Our final day in Kyoto starte with Rain.  The entire time we’ve been here it’s been humid and hot with the temperature being 80-88F.  A classmate and I had planned to go to the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest.  It’s a pretty famous forest for the region, and boy was it worth it, even if it was raining.  It was stunningly beautiful! It’s not showing in this particular picture but, because the bamboo is so tall they start to bend, and there’s a moment that I had captured where the bamboo bent over the trail creating an arch very similar to Gothic Architecture’s arches.  My classmate had made the connection and I couldn’t agree more, especially with the lighting coming through the tops of the bamboo; totally enlightening.

She and I ended up having Matcha Green Tea in one of the tea houses on the mountain…hiked around and took tons of pictures, and ended up at another cafe just to kill time.  It was a crazy cool cafe that had once been a bath house, but was renovated to be a cafe.  All the remnants of the bathhouse still existed; shower heads, sinks, wading pools, it was one of the coolest cafe’s I’ve seen in a long time.

After that we hopped onto the JR Line back to Kyoto Station and met up with some classmates for dinner, then came back to the dorms in Ritsumeikan University, where we are temporarily staying.  

We’re heading back to Tokyo tomorrow, but first we’re going to have a Kobe Beef lunch in Kobe, coming back to Kyoto to see the International Manga Museum, then getting on the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Tokyo, to get ready for school Monday.

This “break” has been super busy, and super fun.  We may have been lied to about this being a vacation, but the last 2 days of free time were filled with tons of adventures, good food, and amazing memories.

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