It’s Day 2 of our Kyoto trip “break.”
I say “break” because even though our teacher say’s we’re on a “break” he’s having someone tour us around and give us an assignment, while our teacher gave us another assignment on top of that going into our break. :/

The difference between Tokyo and Kyoto are pretty clear. Tokyo is all about the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city, whereas Kyoto is so much more slow paced, and surrounded by nature.  

The above picture is of “Kiyomizu Temple”  It’s not the best shot, as I’m super far away from it, but I just wanted to put an emphasis on the nature around it, and the fact that it’s built into the landscape. It was the most peaceful mindset I’d been in for awhile considering the stress of school and the amount of walking around we’ve been doing in Kyoto (my feet are killing me!)  A moment of serenity is a great way to end a temple tour.

As we were walking around and exploring Kyoto my friends and I ended up at a Sushi place. Kyoto sushi is much more different then that of Tokyo sushi as well (I’ll make a foodie posting later on), and as we were walking we also ran into a Geisha walking the streets of Gion (the original Geisha town)

The Japanese are really rooted in their tradition, it’s amazing. They also have a high-level respect of people in General.  It really makes a lot of us foreigners (from the US) question our lives in the US and how we treat one another.

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